Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunshiny Day

Even though most people would never think to come to Iowa, I have really enjoyed living her the past 3.5 years. Iowa City feels like just the right has most of everything I'm looking for without the traffic, crime, pollution of a larger city. However, there is one major issue I have with Iowa: the weather.

People are surprised to hear me complain about the weather. "Yeah, but you are from Utah, they get tons of snow there, right?" Yes, Utah can get tons of snow. But it is soft, powdery, beautiful snow. The snow in Iowa is more often than not, sleet or ice. It makes things scary and dangerous.

Also, the temperatures can be extreme, this winter being particularly harsh. It has been a very long and bleak winter, which usually doesn't end until well into March or even April.

With that said, I think I must be becoming an Iowan. Despite the -40 spell we recently had and the piles and piles of snow, I haven't minded so much. Maybe my core temperature is finally making the adjustment, realizing I will not be back in the "Oh, put on my coat--it is warm now" climate of blissful Utah winters.

Today is a balmy 40+ degrees. What a wonderful day! I had the grand idea to wash my car, wearing only my fleece jacket! Warm! Of course, the piles of snow and ice that have been decorating our landscape are melting into huge puddles leaving my car almost as dirty as before. But, just the idea that I COULD wash my car without sealing myself out of it by a sheet of ice was a wonderful feeling. (I also happened to be behind a guy washing a truck with Utah plates...felt like home)

Anyway, thank goodness for sunny days in the midst of a dreary Iowa winter!

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Chelsea said...

Amen to that. I washed our car today for only like the 3rd time since we've been married (3 years!) It felt so nice, although it wasn't quite as warm as our postal woman thought. She was wearing shorts this morning.