Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry New Year

Wow, I really fell off the horse when it comes to blogging! I think I was so burnt out after a December of a crazy-huge ward Christmas party we were in charge of, trying to finish up patients and get them reassigned to other students to finish work I was unable to complete (mostly due to weather), and an eval from a professor that just kinda got me down ("You are pulling a strong "C," Erin, good job"--a "C" has never been good for me!). Add on top of that traveling through Chicago at Christmas and it makes for crazy times.

We went to Chicago a few days before Christmas for Abe's family tradition. We ate good food and saw some good sites while there. Unfortunately, we missed Abe's sister Abby and Matt for all but a few hours. We then barely made it out of the airport in a huge snowstorm.

Utah was great. It was so nice to see my family and I realized I was right about how nice Utah winters are. The snow is amazing (no ice!) and the temperatures very reasonable with a coat. Abe ran into his sister a few times on accident while skiing and tubing. Random. I was able to meet my sister's new fiance before the wedding in February! It was very hard to leave again and we had some delays out of the airport as well.

We made it into Chicago on Friday very late and stayed a night in the hotel. We had some fun in the city before driving back to Iowa. Luckily, we practically missed the ice storm and didn't realize how slick it was until we got out of the car. We arrived home to a whole second Christmas from Abe's family.

Today is the official start of school. Unless I messed up, I don't have to start my first externship until tomorrow. I will be at St. Luke's hospital in Cedar Rapids in the pediatric dentistry clinic. I am nervous about pedo. It has been a very long time. Mostly, I am borderline freaking out (for me) about not having any boards patients yet. I will not be at the school to find any so will have to rely on friends. I don't like being out of control like that.

January is exciting because I find out about OS in just 25 days!

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