Friday, January 23, 2009

Dress Dillemma

One of my best friends from dental school is getting married this May. Months ago she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. Despite all of my close friends being married growing up, this is the first time I have really been asked to be in the wedding and part of the ceremony. I will have to walk down the aisle and everything.

While I am flattered, I am very worried. I don't know what to do about the dress. She has a few in mind but I basically got dictated one after the other girls chose theirs. We are buying them all at the same place to ensure a perfect match of colors/fabrics.

I feel like I am in a bind. As is, I cannot wear the dress because it does not fit into the dress standards I have promised to live by. Before seeing the dress I suggested I possibly find a jacket or sweater to wear over it or maybe have one made. (Maybe something like this.) But, the wraps offered at the shop do not come in the matching color and she wants it to be plum like the dress. I'm not sure a jacket will even work.

So my problem is, I know she is going to start getting worried I haven't ordered a dress. But, I don't want to buy a non-refundable one that I am not sure I can even wear. Even if I have a jacket made by my seamstress, I'm not sure I can get the fabric I need or even afford it after paying $150 for the dress.

Any ideas? I told her I didn't need to wear a dress, I could just be an attendant or something but she insisted. It was hard enough for my own wedding finding something I could is even harder to impose my belief on someone else's wedding.


SterlingDiver said...

If she is a good friend, consider buying the dress and have your mom puts some sleaves on it.

Only suggestion I have...


Diana said...

I'm not sure what exact shade of plum your dress is, but I have my sister's fancy plum bridesmaid dress (actually a top and skirt) that you could demolish if the fabric is what you need. Just let me know.

Chelsea said...

That's a hard one. But I wouldn't feel that you're imposing your beliefs on someone else's wedding. What if she asked you to do the wedding toast and insisted you use real wine and really drink it. It's your beliefs. I'd tell her you are willing to do whatever she needs but that she has to understand it has to be something that fits within your belief system. It won't ruin her wedding. Sorry, that's so tough!