Monday, February 22, 2010


One of our neighbors owns a porsche. It is beautiful. and shiny. and red. It is also homeless. To our surprise, it has no garage. It is constantly covered in snow. I was going to get a picture to illustrate the great care it is receiving but it was finally driven and unearthed. Bummer. We constantly marvel at its sleek lines and hope we don't slip into it when we leave our slanted parking lot in the ice. We also marvel that it is left to the elements, just like our also sporty car, 1992 honda civic del sol.

I guess that is how you take care of your $80K car when daddy buys it for you.

I really wish I had a picture. A shiny red sports car covered in a foot of snow. Seems very out of place.

Something to look forward to maybe? --Not taking care of things that seem pretty special now.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Everyday I see our new house across the street (pending all with our financing and inspections), beckoning to me to paint it, decorate it, fix it. It has also put me in a “get ready to move, downsize” kind of mood.

Does anyone else worry about the sentimental value they place on their junk? I have such a hard time giving things away! I half worry one day I will be on that hoarders show where people can’t throw away tin foil or old expired coupons (luckily I don’t think I will ever save hair or nail clippings—gross). I’m not that far gone, I don’t think, but I do wish I were the type that every time I bought something new, I cleared out my closet of something from last season. I’m just not that way.

I decided this time to be brutal. I often have to put something in (and out) of the Goodwill pile multiple times until I can say adios. I try to think of the “if you haven’t used it in a year” philosophy but that seems so strict to me. This time I actually was slightly successful: 7 t-shirts, 3 sweaters, 1 skirt, 1 shorts, a purse. Not great, but a start.

The other thing that may be harder is my dental school notes. I already threw away hundreds of pages last year when a classmate downloaded all of our notes for the past four years onto a searchable DVD. Golden. But I don’t quite trust it. And I am attached to the hundreds of pages of scribbles and hours of studying evidenced by stains and smudges. I am trying to do more now that I know that I should never have to make a denture again or do a root canal, etc. But I still have that panicked feeling, “But what if I do?”

I would love to hear tips from you super organized people who don’t seem to have the same emotional attachment to old pieces of paper and out of fashion clothing  that I do! 

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I read an article about the ever-so-classy John Mayer this week. While I’m not even going to start delving into my thoughts on HIM, it did remind me of something I have thought about from time to time.


GLsimpson_smallDo you remember the young Jessica Simpson? The one who sang songs like, “I wanna love you forever,” whose daddy was a preacher, and who promised to be a virgin until she got married because of her strong Christian values?


It’s kind of hard to remember now (this is a tamer picture than most I found) with pictures like this and learning about how she is like “sexual napalm.”

It makes me wonder, is chastity and virtue only important the first time around? I am impressed by her sticking to her standards initially. But, what about now? What happened to the preacher’s daughter?

I wonder, what does this say about Jessica? Or maybe even more so, what does this say about society? She seems more popular than ever. It is sad to me that perhaps she felt she had to fill the mold. I think it is even more sad what message this sends to women and girls.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sale pending

Yesterday we put an offer on a house. Within a few hours we received word from one of the owners that once her husband is back in town (on Sunday) they would like to officially accept our offer and sign all of the papers.

I am really excited about the thought of our first HOUSE. Right now we own our condo which has been wonderful. I did get a twinge of sadness thinking we will leave our cute little first home together, but I think the upgrade to a house will be great. I am excited for storage space, a small yard to entertain in, a two-car garage, and a new slate for decorations and improvements, and the huge kitchen.

More details on the house: it was built in 1935 with an addition of a kitchen and great room and garage in 1960. It has two bedrooms, one bath, with beautiful wood floors throughout. The kitchen is huge! It has a large attic and basement for storage or possible improvements. And, it is close to work in a great, quiet, friendly location.

If all goes well, we will move the end of June.

Our condo will be up for rent. If anyone is looking to move to a two bedroom condo right by the University, let us know! It is an older buidling that has been completely upgraded a few years ago before we purchase it. It is very cute and in an optimal location for professional students or residents! We will miss it but I am pumped about the idea of our new house!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Musings

It has been about 1.5 weeks since I found out I was accepted into the oral surgery program. Here area  few thoughts since then:


Now I can really take my vacation time. I was worried to ask for it off before because I wanted to show my commitment. I think I was the only one who took zero time off from October –now, during the holiday season. I am hoping to head to Utah to see my family this spring.


Abe and I started house hunting. Our neighbor is also in my program and moving this summer. He said we could have first dibs on the house if we want it. We are excited about it and told him yesterday we want the house. This week we will hopefully have our offer in writing. It is exciting to think of a bigger place and some of the new possibilities: decorating, improvements, storage! garage! yard!


Finally, only one more season of Lost. I need answers.


I have been more motivated to exercise for a 100 day fitness program I am doing. BUT… I am still so tired after work. I still don’t have very much time. If nothing else, I have been taking the stairs more often and exercising at least a few hours a week which is an improvement.


Life just feels good. I can’t believe how much stress has been lifted since Jan 25, match day. I knew it was stressful being the intern and “on an interview everyday” but I feel a tangible decrease in my stress load in even my very basic responsibilities. Being on call seems easier. Waking up early for work seems less tiring. Interacting with faculty much less intimidating. I finally feel legitimate. I also feel like a walked out of a black cloud.