Friday, December 19, 2008

SNOW (and ice)

The storm hit hard last night. Everything started with freezing rain which is now insulated with INCHES of snow. It is hard to tell how much from my window inside but enough where I am concerned with walking to shool. As if that weren't bad enough for patients making their appointments, I can see the snow falling quite rapidly now. Crazy! The College of Dentistry is like the post office, "Come rain, come sleet come snow," come no patients at all, we will be there (minus a few days in the flood, I think the only cancellation, EVER). I have come to terms with the idea my patients will not be seen, I will not deliver the rest of the crowns I have in my drawer, but I am dreading the treacherous walk to school (and for what?).

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why I am nervous for my last day of school...

One more day update

We had a huge day of cancellations because of "weather." So far, nothing is yet brewing (a little frustrating when patients cancelled for morning and afternoon appointments...for nothing?). Rumor has it that it will hit at 5 pm. Tomorrow is supposed to be a pretty dire day for patients coming. I am hoping I get lucky!

Today I delivered another crown, did a denture adjustment, and delivered two bleaching trays. I finished a major case and another minor case, as well as a crown graduation requirement. I only need a molar root canal and 2 periodontal surgery assists as far as specific requirements go. I am feeling good about that. I also made my goal of reaching 3000 points before I leave. If all goes well, I will only need about 500-600 more to pass with a "D." This is one of the few times I have felt relieved that the saying goes, " 'D' is for dentist." I need 3800 to graduate.

My afternoon patient did cancel which was frustrating because so far she is my only hope for a board patient (and may have 2/3 of my requirements). I wanted to get new x-rays to verify.

So, what I have left before tomorrow at 4:30pm:

1 gold post delivery (30 points)
2 gold crowns (the remakes--the new one looks better on the model) (83 points)
check out of my unit
1 bleaching tray delivery (which is not going to happen)
1 mouthguard delivery (also not going to happen because patient was too afraid to drive in today or tomorrow)

I'm not sure what the procedure is for the mouthguard or anything else that wont be delivered. The faculty does not yet know.

Things are working out with a few hang-ups!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Left before Christmas:

3 crowns
1 post
1 mouthguard
3 bleaching trays

2 days, 7-8 appointments to go (usually I have 2 appts per day)

5.5 months until graduation...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another day

A very large snow storm hit town. Somehow, I managed to get 1/2 of my patients in today.

This afternoon I delivered my implant crown-- 6 months later. What a relief, I don't think I could have rescheduled him.

This morning my recall patient came at 10:30 instead of 10. I had another pt scheduled at 11 and so had a classmate see her. My 11:00 patient then did not show up, meaning I made a classmate do a cleaning I could have done myself and I got no points for the morning, again (going strong on point-less mornings, haha what a pun).

Tomorrow I am delivering 2 partial dentures. I hope he comes despite the snow. This is a graduation requirement...

Monday, December 15, 2008

One week countdown


One week to go before I leave the dental school for over 14 weeks! I've already had a few set-backs but I am learning to take things in stride. Usually, Abe says he can tell if I've had a bad day within 2 seconds on the phone or in person with me. I'm doing better at fooling him.

This morning I was supposed to deliver two crowns on a patient. One of the crowns did not have the correct contours and needs to be redone. It needs the other crown to get the correct contour between, I had to put the temporary crowns back on, speak to the lab (earliest it can be redone is Friday--cutting it close), and rearrange the three patients I am already seeing on Friday. Luckily, the openings I was lamenting in my schedule have been a blessing in disguise with these rescheduling issues. Unfortunately, the temporary crown broke (the second time) so I got to make my third temporary for this one tooth and spend my second day getting no points for this patient...again, getting better at not freaking out.

This week we have a few days of wintery mixes and snow coming up. We are already getting patients cancelling for Thursday in anticipation. Tomorrow we are expecting up to 7 inches of snow (the forecast said dry, fluffy--I hope so!). This could spell bad luck for the:

2 partial dentures
4 crowns
1 gold post
1 bleaching tray

I need to deliver before Friday Dec 19 at 4:30. Otherwise, it will be March 27, 2009.

With some of these headaches I am feeling more and more hope that I will make it into the OS program. I would love to never have to send back a crown or redo a denture again.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Susy Snowflake

The Iowa Winter has officially begun. Abe and I ice skated to school today. When we arrived, we were not surprised that almost every patient at the College of Dentistry cancelled their appointments. So much for finishing my dentures today. My afternoon pt was going to brave the weather until I informed him the highway was not moving.

It rained last night. Then it got cold. Then it started snowing. This is what the forecasters call "Wintery Mix." Kudos to them for using a term that sounds like a yummy holiday drink or one of those fluffy cool-whip desserts. In reality, it is much much worse.

*I miss the "Greatest Snow on Earth*

Sunday, December 7, 2008

O Christmas Tree

As far as I remember, we always had fake Christmas trees growing up. Funny enough, people always commented on the great fresh pine scent from our tree (placebo effect?). Abe's family tends to go with the real trees. This year was my first time going to a tree farm to choose a real tree. Last year, we bought one from the grocery store.

This is the tree we could probably actually afford. Luckily, Abe's parents bought us a more festive one. Thanks! We happened to choose a pre-cut tree instead.

They asked us if we wanted our tree "shaked" to get out any dirt, needles, etc. We said yes, thinking they would just shake the tree up and down while they carried it. They actually strapped it up to a "shaker" machine, much more efficient. The tree looked like it was giggling--it reminded me of tickle-me-elmo, minus the red fur. I think that gave us a good jolly start to our tree.

Then, they woosh it through this handy tree wrapper tube thingey... And tie it to your car. So easy! Luckily, it was a beautiful, warm (for winter) day.

I don't know who decided to put full sized, cut trees inside, light them up, and put ornaments on them but it definately makes things seem more cozy and Christmas-y!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanks Colt

Thanks for putting up with my music sampling. Thanks Colt for your cool music. In actuality, I really don't like music on blogs! It sounds like such a great idea. However, even when it is music I really like or enjoy, it comes on so abruptly. I find it startling (even on my own blog). And...often I am not on a computer where music is appropriate. It seems the pause button is always at the very end of the page and if you ever navigate away and come back you are thrust into a new song. So...for this reason, I decided to remove the music from my blog in case anyone else feels this way.

Am I the only one?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

7 months 2 days

We had our orientation today for our extramural rotations--10 weeks outside of the college of dentistry. It made me realize how quickly time is going by. Come Dec 5 I will be 7 months from graduation day. I am getting very close to fulfilling most of my minimal requirements. I am having a very difficult time keeping my schedule full. Of the 25+ comprehensive care patients I have been given, I will be down to about 6 when I get back!

Here is my schedule:

Now-Dec 19: finish as many patients as possible and get the others to a stable place
Jan 5-Feb 6: St Luke's hospital in Cedar Rapids, IA seeing kids
January 27: Match Day--oral surgery news
Feb 10-March 13: Broadlawns community health hospital (lots of extractions)
March 13-20: Spring Break
March 20-23: WREB licensure board
March 26-May 30: Finish requirements and patient care

My anxieties right now: Finding patients for boards (I'm nervous about this one for sure)! Driving to Cedar Rapids everyday in the snow. Finding out about OS and making plans for next year. Keeping my schedule busy enough.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Things have been busy and hectic the past week but I know you have all been dying to hear all about my new phone...or at least my mom, who is hoping I like it so she can get one herself.

It arrived on Tuesday. However, despite our note to the FedEx guy to leave it at the door, he never came inside (didn't bother with the keypad entry) and it went back to Cedar Rapids. Another disappointment. Luckily, Abe and I just happened to be heading up to Cedar Rapids to go to Sam's Club for our church Christmas party that we are in charge of. Weird coincidence since we go to CR about 3 times a year.

We were able to get it up and running by Wednesday afternoon. It has taken some getting used to as far as figuring out how to type on the touch'n click screen. It is getting easier. I have heard some complaints that it is a bit slow which I would agree with a bit, but I guess I'm still so amazed by internet in my hand that it doesn't bother me. It has come in handy many times already.

I'm new to blackberry and the PDA so I am still pretty excited about the email application. It is strange to receive email like a text message. The speakers are amazingly loud and clear for such a little guy and I am happy I can change my ringtone to any song on my playlist (right now "The Grinch"). I have word, excel, directions and maps, and even facebook at the touch of a button. It has a 3.2 MP camera, video abilities, and you can watch movies. Fun.

So far, I'm loving it...