Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Big Decision

After a very stressful day of disappointment and question marks, I finally came to a decision about where to go from here.

My original plan was to do the general practice residency at UIHC. I felt like it would give me good general practice experience and a chance at OS next year.

However, at about 8:15am yesterday, the residency director called to ask if I would like the first chance at the internship position. I asked for a day to think about it and discuss with my husband.

I really was not sure what the right way to go would be. The inspiration didn't seem to be coming in any obvious ways and there were pros and cons to each. My biggest worry was doing the internship (which is not a guarantee of a spot next year) and not matching which would leave me a year out of practice with general dentistry skills as a brand new graduate, lacking experience and complete confidence.

Finally, this afternoon I decided to go for the internship position. Essentially, it adds an extra year on to the four year residency. The perks are I will get to know the program and the people, that I will gain more OS skills/experience, and have a better shot when I apply again. It is also like being a resident, but the lowest on the totem pole, esp (I would imagine) when it comes to being on call, getting time off, and doing not-so-fun leg work, etc. I am a little nervous but overall I feel okay about my decision and happy to have a little more OS time.

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragment. I hope that I am being led down the right path!

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Diana said...

Congratulations on the opportunity! It sounds like things are turning around already. You'll be great!