Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy (Lame-O) GroundHog Day

Remember my last post, about the sunshine and having a good attitute about life. Well, I changed my mind and it is all about a special day called Groundhog day (and the return of sub-zero temps).

Mr. Groundhog seems to be a scaredy cat. I can't remember the last time he didn't decide winter would be another 6 weeks.

Why do we let a groundhog decide, anyway? And what is it about Feb 2 that every year he wants to come out and see what he can see (and only on this day of days?), tempting the ghostly shadow to scare him back into his den for another dreary month and a half? It's like he thinks he is being chased by an evil (black and little) twin. Don't be afraid, or don't look, or something!

I prefer to celebrate Abe's birthday instead. Lousy groundhog! Abe is much more reliable and certainly not afraid of a shadow.


Mike Licht said...

Those critters might be mediocre meteorologists, but they sure are mighty good eatin.'


Bob said...

Good eats if you're a Clampet.