Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New idea

I still haven’t decided about going private. I will need to simmer on it. The reasons all add up. I just don’t like the hassle of logging in to read other people’s private blogs. Plus I am a bit of a blog stalker myself so I feel like a bit of a hypocrite!


I love homemade macaroni and cheese. The other day I had an idea I wish I could launch. Abe is a McDonald’s shareholder (he gets about $5 and a big mac coupon from them about every 6 months). Maybe he can pull his weight for my new idea for a menu item.


Mc’Aroni and Cheese.

Wouldn’t fast food mac and cheese be wonderful? Beats a burger most any days in my mind.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Privacy Please

I am thinking about going private. I am not a private person. In fact, I often share way too much about myself, which can get me into trouble and is probably the reason I may decide to take the plunge into a private blog.

A few thoughts on why:

My blog is mostly for myself as a way to keep up with family and friends. However, I realize that it may not be friends or family who are reading my blog.

  • Even if you are a stranger and get some enjoyment, if you have friendly feelings towards me I am happy to oblige your readings. But, I realize there is a possibility of having a few creepsters out there.
  • I also know there are some people who may be reading my blog to find information to ridicule or judge me. I don’t really appreciate this motive for reading.
  • Probably the most important reason is to avoid misunderstandings from patients. I know there is a high chance patients may be searching for me online and my personal thoughts and pictures may not be the best medium for them to experience who I am.
  • I also want to have the freedom to post topless photos of my husband, which of course should only be shared with the closest of friends. Or at least pictures of my house without worrying about stalkers. Or pictures of family without compromising their identities.

If I go private, will anyone still read?

I feel very hesitant but it seems like the smartest way to go.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

This new house

My sister and her husband are part of a program where along with a group you get to build your own house and those of the group members with a cut on your mortgage to encourage people to move to rural areas of Utah. While we were in town we were able to help with some of the work. It was amazing to see the house that my sister did so much to build herself. I know very little about handy-work so it was fun to see how some of the pieces fit together in home building.

Trip to Utah_April 2010 017

Her next door neighbor will be her sister-in-law’s house. Next to her will be the Payson, Utah LDS temple site. Lucky coincidence!

Trip to Utah_April 2010 019

I helped Amber with some of the rock work on her neighbor’s house. It was much more time consuming than it looks. I work with my hands every day, but I definitely felt out of my element. I also was surprised how prissy I felt. I enjoy camping, hiking, etc, but for whatever reason it bothered me to feel DIRTY with cement. PS can you tell from our backs that we are twins? Which one is me?


Trip to Utah_April 2010 025

Abe and Russell built a deck for another neighbor. Trip to Utah_April 2010 022

It makes me more excited for our own house and thinking of some of the improvements I would like to make. I am excited we will both hopefully be into our first houses in June.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Greatest Snow on Earth

I have a confession to make: I am from Utah and before last week I had never been (downhill) skiiing. Shocking, I know. This past week my brother-in-law Russell had free passes to Deer Valley (one of the nicest resorts in Utah –and I guess the world) so I figured this was my chance. I was nervous and fully expected to break my arm or leg when we arrived in Park City.

Trip to Utah_April 2010 032

I was trying to smile and not be too nervous as we took my first chair lift.

Trip to Utah_April 2010 043


Trip to Utah_April 2010 037

I kind of got the hang of it on the bunny slopes. We went on my first real run, on a trail named “Success.” By the end, I didn’t think it was a very well named trail, at least for the part where I couldn’t slow down and I was screaming past the signs that said, “SLOW.” I made it down and I have to say, all of the skiiers were very nice. Even a small boy peered down at me as I lay with my skiis twisted in the snow and asked if I was okay.  Maybe they should have named it something like, “Success if you went on the bunny slopes more than 3 times first.”

Trip to Utah_April 2010 046

Deer Valley really makes you feel like a welcome guest. Abe felt right at home on this run. Go Hawkeyes!

Trip to Utah_April 2010 047

This is why I miss the Utah mountains. It was a beautiful and warm day but we still got snowed on towards the top of the mountain.

Trip to Utah_April 2010 040

Thanks Russ for the tickets! We were sad that Amber couldn’t make it with us.

Overall, I was surprised by how much fun I had. My perfectionistic self made me frustrated that I wasn’t able to do more, especially looking at all of the little kids who were already pros. I was thinking about it and I wondered if there was anything three year-olds were better at than me. I think I have most things up on them, walking, talking, fine motor skills, experience, judgement, brain development. But nope, they definitely have SKIING! Unbelievable how many barely walking children were on that mountain without any trouble. Nothing to make you feel like a total lame-o better than see a little kid in a pink snow suit zoom down the hill past you, stop perfectly, and then be asked, “So when do you turn four?”

Despite the added humility I gained, it was a lot of fun. I am convinced maybe we should get all of our kids skiing as infants to prevent them the shame of being from Utah or kids with a mom from Utah who cannot ski.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rock and Roll


I was finally able to take some vacation time, the first since October of last year (including holidays, so well over due!). Abe and I were in Utah last week visiting my family.

My brother is a fantastic musician and got my dad into guitar building. My dad’s latest project was to build classic vintage fender stratocaster guitars for all of his now 8 children. Here we are displaying his masterpieces.


We left our guitars in Utah until my brother brings them out by car this summer. I am excited to start playing more now that I have a fancy glittery red with gold fender to blast. We just need to move into our house (so as not to disturb the neighbors) and buy an amp so we can rock!


Isn’t it beautiful? Wish I had a better shot to show it off.


Abe likes his cream with tortoiseshell pick guard.


Amber coordinated her bracelet with her guitar. Stylish!


Brenna and Matt looking like rock stars.


Russell with tobacco stained strat.


Caitlyn’s natural wood strat.


Colton, the only one who really deserves to hold these beauties. His daphne blue strat unfortunately isn’t quite done. Can’t wait to see it.


The man behind the music. And his groupie, my mom. Thanks!



PS if you are interested in a custom-made guitar like these with deluxe fender parts, my dad would love to build one for you. He is running out of projects!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thai Travels

Every year for as long as I can remember, my family has gone on a family vacation. This really gave me the travel bug early on. Now, my family tries to take an annual dive vacation. As I get older it seems harder and harder to do but something I really hope to do more of in the future. Even though I have no exotic vacations on the books (I used to have a goal to always have a trip in the works), it is fun to reminisce about my trip to Thailand a few years ago.


My first day in Bankok by the airport. Welcome to Asia!


You thought hitting a deer was bad news. Be grateful! I was amazed this was a real sign.

Tsunami sign

Another new warning sign. I was glad this was just outside of my apartment. I felt pretty safe from any Tsunamis.


On any given day, I think at least 50% or more of the Thai people were wearing these yellow shirts. It had something to do with the anniversary of the King (or emperor?).


Said King (or Emperor)


Many homes, businesses, hotels have these spirit houses outside. I wish I knew more about them, but I think they leave little offerings to the spirits of their ancestors.


Spirit house at a hotel (I think the Marriott)


The Buddhist monks where my neighbors. This was part of their monastery.


This was just outside the entrance to our apartment. It always felt like a royal welcome!