Saturday, January 24, 2009

45 hours

My countdown clock says 1 day. Somehow, 45 hours doesn't sound like one day, but either way, Match Day is coming!

I'm trying not to wish away my weekend in anticipation, but it has been four months since my interview, so a very long wait.

I feel optimistic but guarded. No one in their right mind would apply to only one program. Every one I am up against is top in their class, so it must be a hard decision for the program to make. I feel like I will be okay with whatever happens but I hope I wont be disappointed whatever the result.

Mostly, I am excited to know where my life will take me. This could be a huge life changer.


Rachel Kerr said...

This was the first thing that popped into my mind when I woke up today..."Is it the 25th or the 26th?" It could be that one of my wisdom teeth is bothering me but either way, I was thinking about you. I am hoping that whatever the outcome it turns out to be clearly and exactly what was right and good for you and Abe! I am wishing all my good luck to you today and tonight. let me know the outcome ASAP.

SterlingDiver said...

Hopefully, they won't have any delays with the announcement, that would be difficult.

I think you are remarkable and I would guess you will get the offer. Of course, being your Dad and knowing as well as I do that would be very easy. Best of Luck.