Thursday, January 15, 2009

Icy Greetings

This week has been very strange. I am currently on rotation in Cedar Rapids, so am not at the dental school. The weather has been very very wintery here the past week or so with big blizzards and now, severe "arctic temperatures."

Yesterday morning I received a call informing me the clinic had been cancelled. This is something that never happens at the dental school. I was not surprised and somewhat relieved I did not have to make the trek to Cedar Rapids in the 5 inches of snow that still covered some of the roads. This morning, however, I was surprised to receive my 6:30 am phone call informing me that again, we were cancelling the clinic due to severe temperatures. The temperature then was -28 with a winchill of -45. Even now, with the sun shining, it is -21 with a windchill of -41. I can't imagine how cold it is, I am almost tempted/half afraid to go see for myself!

Two nights ago a man in Minnesota died from exposure after he was sleep walking outside barefoot. It's cold!

Now, what do I do with my second day off?


brenna said...

Wow, that is really cold

shawn said...

How's that workout class thingy going??? And I am trying to figure out what to do with an 11 year old who has school off because it is too cold.. and they have Monday off too..
I say grab a cup of hot cocoa and a blankie and some sappy movies...

Heidi Anne said...

Makes you miss Utah huh! :)