Monday, January 12, 2009

The next Richard Simmons...

The women's group of our church is called the Relief Society. Each RS comes up with its own mini-"clubs" to cater to the interest groups of the women in the congregation. As such, the leadership are constantly looking for new groups to get women involved. On the most recent survey, I wrote down that I would be interested in a weekly fitness club where the women get together and take turns teaching. I thought, even if it is an exercise video, that will be better than sitting at home!

The next question read, "Would you be willing to teach?" I felt like, "Well, I better be willing to do it if it is my idea." A few months ago, I was asked if I would, indeed, teach the class (at least the first time). I said yes, again, trying to be a good sport and support my own idea. I hoped when I got home from Christmas break that it would be forgotten. On the contrary, it has now been announced. So, I am stuck.

I have contemplated just teaching my first SCUBA class and pretending we are underwater. Unfortunately, even if I had some imaginative classmates who would buy it, it wouldn't be very good exercise. I am a little worried about having enough to do for a full 45-60 minute block. I am planning to focus on strength training--squats, lunges, push-ups, etc. I hope I don't run out of ideas..."Umm, squats again? Oh, you have a charlie horse?"

Also, I just don't think I'm PEPPY. Isn't that a requirement? Richard Simmons is definately peppy, even as a dude. I'm not sure I can do the, "...and one, and two,.. three, ..four....feel the burn ladies!" And, I'll probably feel the burn more than anyone else.

Lastly, they announced it as "pregnancy friendly." I don't know what is or isn't friendly to the fabrication of a fetus, and I definately don't want to send any women into labor.

Any suggestions anyone? What are your favorite exercises (I don't think I have access to weights or anything like that)? Do you have any music that gets your heart pumping? How can I prevent a pre-term birth?

I'm sweating already!


Abby said...

My freshman BYU ward caught wind that I did yoga and had me teach a class once, so I feel ya sister. It actually went well though and people seemed to like it. I have some videos on my laptop I can send you if you want.

Your strength idea is good, though--you can even spend a full 15 minutes or so on just abs. Everyone wants good abs!

Amber said...

my friend recommended the website to me just today. Apparently they have free online yoga classes for all levels.

brenna said...

Matt says you should watch Father of the Bride Part 2. Frank does a great workout for the expecting.