Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lacrosse Tourney

Tomorrow evening I leave for my first Minneapolis encounter (excluding the twin cities airport).

We (the University of Iowa women's lacrosse team) are playing in a lacrosse tournament on Saturday. I am excited to play again and a little nervous. It has been about 3.5 years since I have played in a game. We play 3 games between 8-12:30. I hope my exercising has been enough to help me get through, or at least to keep up with the skinny little freshmen and other undergrads, and that I am not as out of practice as I sometimes worry.

I am also interested/nervous to see how we measure up. Regardless, it will be fun to play. I hope we are competitive, however. It is a bit unsettling going from a nationally ranked (#5?) team to a pretty novice team without even a coach. But, like I said, playing lacrosse in any form will hopefully be fun if I can keep up and keep warm. They are "plowing the field" for us so we can play even in the snow. BRR!

Anyone interested, we have a tournament at home at the UofI on April 5.

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I feel like I have been complaininig/whining a lot. I apologize if this is the case! I am feeling a lot better about things again, even this whole super block business. Things could be a lot worse. I think about the wife and four kids murdered this week by their dad here in Iowa City. I should be a lot more grateful.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Say what?

Do you ever feel like there are people you just can't seem to communicate with? That even though you are speaking the same language, you just aren't understanding each other? I think I'm experiencing this with a professor at school.

He asks me questions and I can't figure out what he wants to know. He asks me over and over again and I end up speechless by the end, lost and wondering what is going on. Eventually, he frustratedly tells me the answer to something I actually knew. He asks me about procedures and I think I know what to do but I never quite do what he wants. Today I tried to talk to him in his office. I waited patiently while he was with another student until I thought he motioned for me to tell him what I needed. When I started to talk he got after me for cutting in line. Oops. I quickly left and when I came back extended my olive branch apology, that I did not mean to be rude and that I did not understand what he meant. He proceeded to tell me again that I can't just cut in front of others who are waiting. --I know, that is why I apologized. I couldn't seem to communicate my intentions there, either.

Frustrating. I can't decide if I am not preparing adequately for my responsibilities (I don' t know where to find most of the information--digging through 2.5 years of old notes for answers) or if they expect me to know things we have never discussed.

Anyone good at mastering communication barriers? I need some help.

PS I don't think I communicated my concerns in this post very well, either

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Dying eggs has been a big tradition for my family. Usually we each dye 1 dozen. That means 7 dozen to hide and eat. Funny, my first year in Iowa I bought eggs to dye with Abe. We didn't get to it and his sisters beat me to it. I felt bad that I didn't get to dye them slightly but they blew out the eggs and decorated only the shells. I was mortified. This is not how we celebrate Easter! That meant no hardboiled eggs with season salt, no deviled eggs, no egg salad sandwiches. I cried. Easter was ruined. My poor roommate offered here 3 eggs in the fridge to me. Makes me laugh now. This year it didn't seem like such a big deal. I must have been pretty homesick. I never knew eggs = Easter to me before that.

I posted these pictures to remind myself that even though we had a light layer of snow this morning (Happy Easter and Spring!) it isn't nearly as bad as it was. Maybe spring is coming, after all. I sure hope so!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bed Bath and Beyond Horrific

Yesterday we went with Abe's sister to help her register for her wedding registry. Since her fiance lives across the country it seemed unreasonable to wait to do it with him. We, being the experts on such things...having done it within the past year, were perfect candidates to assist her in this difficult task.

However, this exciting event was marred by a quite tragic and horrific event. A woman presented to the customer service desk with a large temper and a disfiguring gash across her cheek! How can she be expected to go back to work as an actress when she is so horribly mutilated?

In actuality, Abe and his mom said it was more of a scratch or abrasion. Hardly anything that some of that actors cake make-up couldn't cover up. Seems like she is doing pretty good as an actress to me. She put up a large fit and promptly had her lawyers call the store. I guess they should be responsible for her not being able to climb up the shelves safely without having merchandise fall upon her. Maybe she was practicing for an upcoming stint as a climber?

Anyway, they asked Abe to act as a witness to the "gash" her lawyers are threatening to sue over. It makes me mad that people can do stupid things and then get rewarded for it. Yes, it is tragic she got a scratch from falling merchandise, but it was also not super judgement to climb up shelving.

On another note, I highly recomend BB&B for registries. We registered at Target and BBB and were very impressed with how easy and helpful BBB was in comparison. Seven months later we took back an item from our registry and got cash back. No fiddling with gift cards or exchanging items for ones in the same questions asked, we got the cash in hand which has been very helpful for us starting out. If any of you go there, let them know we sent you!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring update

It is hard to believe that today is my last day of spring break (I'm taking into account that I would have had the weekend off, anyway). Time goes so fast.

Here is what I have accomplished:
Monday: sewing
Tuesday: helping my sis-in-law sew an Easter Dress
Wednesday: Chicago --Lincoln Park Zoo, Giordano's pizza, Performance Bike
Thursday: Chicago --Navy Pier, shopping
Friday: school project

I didn't mean to do so much sewing...and I certainly did not mean to spend all day working on my project. Yuck. It has been nice to have some me time, however. I just wish I had a few more days before I get back to the grind (or drill).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My husband and I love to cook together. Since there are only two of us this often ends up in us hosting dinners or dessert parties, etc. I can't imagine how fat we would be if we didn't. People tend to think that this is all we ever do for entertainment (which is probably true). It is fun to try out new recipes with our new appliances we received for our wedding.

So, I am pleased to announce that Abraham has loaded a handful of new recipes we have recently tried to his blog,

I thought I would alert any readers who have given up on the idea of any new posts from him. I know the choices can be overwhelming so if you are looking for some yummy treats I would recommend the Tahitian Coconut Bread and if you haven't yet, the oatmeal cake. I would actually recommend them all, but thought I could spotlight a few.

We made sushi a few weeks ago with a friend and hope he will upload a "sushi tutorial" soon.


Sunday, March 16, 2008


One of my close friends just had her first baby. While many of my friends have kids, I was never there to see them during the pregnancy or even until the child got much bigger. So, this was my first close friend to see get the belly and feel the kicking, etc. It just boggles my mind, that one day it's just the two of you and the next, there is three and your life is changed forever. A new person is there. It seems so bizaare and unbelievable to me. I guess that is why they call it the "Miracle of Childbirth."

I can't imagine being at that stage in my life. I guess it is okay that after only 8 months of marriage it seems out of the question (I have way too much school left) but wow, I can't fathom having any kids right now but so many young mothers do it so well, and with multiple tiny children. Nursery every other week at church makes me realize how much work it must be. I need a break after my 2 hours of giving parents a break. Hopefully I'll manage when my time comes!

Friday, March 14, 2008


After my whole big blog entry, it turns out I passed my Periodontics competency, afterall. The paperwork evidently had two descriptions of a pass, one said equal to and above a 75% = pass, the other said equal to and less than = fail. Confusing. A classmate brought this to my attention and in the end, it was ruled that I indeed did pass with a 75%. Phew.

Now, on to enjoying my spring break. After the past few days I think I really need it, even if it is to run errands and relax a bit.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've been trying to have a good attitude about the SB thing. So far, the instructors have been nice, things have been working out, and although busy, I've managed quite happily.

Today, ironically, I feel more frustrated than ever even though I got home by about 6pm, quite early. This afternoon things went fine with my patient. I moved on to the next step (which I anticipated to be another appointment...yay for saving time!) but misunderstood what my instructor wanted from me not once, but twice. Oops. This slowed me up quite a bit, so much so, that I had to back track and bring my patient back for the appointment after all. Worst part is, it will only take about 15 minutes to do it (although I'm sure waiting on instructors, reviewing medical histroy, etc will add some time on). I feel bad that my patient who drives 2 hours has to come back for that because I made a mistake.

But, a light in the tunnel...he could come on a day he already has an appointment, save a trip. Great idea, except 2 instructors will be gone and no one is available to work with us on that day. We will have to wait until another Thursday afternoon except all of my Thursday afternoons are booked for the next 3-4 weeks. So, he can't come in until April 17 (he wants his denture by May!) unless I can convince another patient to come in another day (is that fair to her?). Coordinating my schedule, my many patients' schedules, and my instructors' schedules has been a task.

And, I burned myself. I have a large blister. Ouch. I dripped hot compound (an impression material for dentures) on myself while doing a procedure (distracted) and it stays hot a very long time.

Tired. At least I don't have any responsibilities tonight.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thinking about Spring

Any ideas for Spring Break?

Doing nothing doesn't really appeal to me...I feel like I wont get a summer break (maybe just 3-4 days) so I want to do something fun while I have the chance. Ideally, I would escape the snow but flights are expensive and driving anywhere that fits that qualification would be a LONG drive.

Maybe I will sew?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mascara Mamma

Well, one more day until my poll is officially closed. Thanks for everyone that shared. I have actually really taken the results to heart...and have tried wearing mascara practically every day. Even in my pony tail and scrubs I have noticed a big difference! My one trick is that I must curl my lashes everyday or I might as well not bother with the mascara...they are so darn straight.

A few questions/concerns/problems however; one, it seems like my eyelashes always fall out. Does anyone else feel this way. I know this is not normal because my identical twin has beautiful thick and long lashes that I used to have myself. I am not reaching my genetic potential here.

Secondly, no matter what I do I cannot seem to get the mascara off my face. The non-waterproof has been a big help but I feel like I've tried everything...the washcloth, no washcloth, soap, make-up remover (the best bet). But I'll still be washing it off three days later and not getting huge raccoon eyes every time I shower is impossible. Sometimes I get so frustrated I just leave it. One lady said every night you don't wash your face it gets a day older. Don't know if I believe that (she was trying to sell makeup products and how do you really know that, anyway?) but do you think that is bad?

Let me know your tips ladies.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Endo Success!

I had an exciting day in Endodontics. I did my first root canal treatment. I am happy to say I don't think it could have gone better. It was an anterior tooth which had broken off so was very easy to see everything I was doing. My patient was very nice and cooperative, and we were able to finish after a long day (I know some would laugh it took a whole day to do one tooth, but there is a lot of waiting for instructor checks, not to mention just being slow). I even made a temporary out of his previous crown and a pre-formed post. I was so excited that it went so well. My professor who can be pretty hard and very slow with compliments seemed very pleased with my work and said I had done a great job.

I really think it was an answer to my prayers, as well. I was praying I would find a patient to come in on Monday since I had an open spot, and I've been so nervous about not having enough patients for prosthodontics. He needs a cast post and core as well as a crown, requirements I still need to fulfill. Basically, his tooth is almost all broken off so we have to make a post that will go into the canal space to support the crown. I suggested he could work with me and that I could get him started as early as Monday, and he went for it. I left school quite happy!

I guess there really are good days and bad days. I can't believe we are officially 1/5 way done with super block!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Close call

I almost lost one of my denture patients today. Turns out that after his 6 weeks of healing from a surgery I did, he had a bony spicule in another area that would interfere with his denture. It will take another 6 weeks of healing before we can get started again and the surgery clinic was booked up until the middle of April. I have to start all denture patients by May 1 or I will not be finished. Poor guy would have to go without teeth until next semester when they could begin the 2-3 month process. Luckily, one of the faculty members offered to get him in earlier. Phew!

I also got going on two gold crowns. I have four patients currently going. I am still behind where I need to be and I have no patients on Monday which isn't helping...but hopefully I can get ahead. I have had a lot of time to do lab work at least.

Tomorrow I get to do my first root canal, if all goes as planned. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Super Block Again

Today was my second day in Periodontics. For those of you not familiar with this specialty, we mostly do deep cleanings and maintenance for patients with gum disease. Keep flossing, folks!

We have a series of competencies we are required to complete. Today I was encouraged to do my Scaling and Root Planing competencey (this is basically removing tartar, or calculus as we call it) from the roots and crowns of the teeth in deep pockets in the gums. I felt uncomfortable doing the competency since this was my first S&RP patient this year, or actually ever.

Anyway, I did poorly on one section of the competency and although I did well actually cleaning the teeth, I got a 75%. I was a little disappointed but it being my first time, I was okay with it. Afterall, I didn't quite know what they were looking for and have little experience. Then, I was told that although the cut-off for passing is 75%, you have to get ABOVE a 75%, not a 75% to pass. Bummer... I was complimented for how well I did. Funny, it doesn't mean much when you FAIL. "You did a great job on the cleaning. You fail, but don't worry, it was a good learning experience!"

So I'm back at zero...I will have to make up the competency and thus I have nothing passed off in any of my three clinics at week 4 of 20!

P.S. I made a goal not to complain about Super Block (my endo, pros, and perio rotation). I hope this isn't complaining, merely an update on the rollercoaster ride.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Wow I feel tired tonight. I stayed up doing some reading assignments last night in preparation for an exam. I've never been good at staying up late for studying so for me, late was about 11:30 or midnight and a final bedtime of about 1 am. Yawn. I found out that I had about 14 full length journal articles I was responsible for for a test I found out I had the day before. Oops...I lack organization a bit, but I am working on it and getting better.

Tonight I have to brave the cold again for lacrosse practice. I should go early enough to do conditioning but I have some other things to get done first (notice that I am blogging instead...lame-Oh, Erin). So tonight's 10:45 pm practice I think is going to take a toll. I just keep thinking that it is good preparation for late nights at the hospital if I do an oral surgery residency. I need like 9 hours of will I do it?

The extra studying wasn't worth it, by the way.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Car troubles

I woke up to a bit of a start today. I heard someone knocking on our front door. I couldn't figure out who it would be at about 8 am on a Saturday morning. I wondered if it really was our door. I ignored it until it got louder and louder. I put on my robe and peeked out my peep hole. I didn't recognize the man and it made me nervous so I crept away. For some reason I am always afraid to let strange men (usually delivery or maintenance guys) know I am home. Then he started calling my name and I realized it was one of Abe's friends. I was then worried that something had happened to Abe.

Turns out Abe got pulled over for having foggy windows. His defrost does not work very well and we had just dug his car out from a long and snowy winter vacation last night. Maybe we should have left it because Abe could not find his updated insurance card. He had an expired one still under his parents' name. The officer was nice enough to call the insurance company but not nice enough to listen to Abe about why the insurance company said they were unable to find him or his car. They must have not looked for him separately from his parents and the officer treated him like a criminal and wouldn't believe his story, that he had recently married and traded over his insurance to his own name and could you please check under his name ("yes, I already did and you aren't understanding that the insurance company would know and they say you don't have any insurance.")

To make a long story short, Abe got a $400 ticket and his car was impounded. What a great start to the morning! Abe's friend was in the neighborhood (they were on their way to play basketball together) and dropped by to see if he could get the cards before the car was towed.

I know you are supposed to always keep the proof of insurance in the car and I also know the officer technically did nothing wrong. The insurance company also may not have done anything wrong. But it is frustrating that we made a simple mistake (we thought we had been very careful about putting in our new cards but we had missed his car somehow), the insurance company made a mistake in not thoroughly looking in their system for our information, and the officer should have been a little more reasonable in listening. We live in a very small community with very low crime. I don't understand why he wouldn't take the demographics of the area into a little more consideration before jumping the gun. Needless to say when a few hours later Abe presented the card to him he felt very bad.

We still have to go to court and pay the $50 fee as well as the towing. We also may be switching insurance providers. We joked that maybe we need to go to AllState because State Farm definately didn't have us in their hands today.