Saturday, July 27, 2013

Not-So-Sleeping Beauty

I got lost!

Where have I been, you wonder? 

I've been tired...

and on call. As busy as that can be, I've been enjoying the new year as a senior resident. I've been studying and improving my diet. I've been a little better around the house. I've been fixing broken jaws and draining infections. I've been doing some exercising and even budgeting. I have not been blogging! --or sleeping as much as I would like, for that matter. (Something's gotta give, right?)

As I have mentioned before, as senior residents we take call for a one month period of time (which I guess just actually switched to a 4-week schedule). July is notoriously busy with more trauma than usual and a new crop of interns. I imagined things would be much crazier from a numbers standpoint and I've been lucky to have some good new residents to work with has been much more manageable than I expected. But I'm still tired (emotional wear and tear maybe?). 

Luckily, only two more nights on-call and then I hope to find my way back (to the blog) and a little more time in bed. I hope you will find your way back, too!

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Sorry, Lois Lane, but I married Superman!

I always thought Superman was a fictional character.
When I first met Abraham I thought people were merely alluding to his physical resemblance when they compared him to Superman. I am told a lot how much he looks like him. As we got to know each other I noticed some other similar qualities in him, like his kind and quiet nature and willingness to help others around him. But just like Lois, I failed to recognize the real Superman in my midst and wrote them off as coincidence.

But since marrying him I have started to recognize he has more in common with the Man of Steel than I originally thought and I am starting get suspicious he is the real deal.

He does have some of the obvious super powers, like saving lives (even using xray vision at times!--with the proper tools),

 and super human strength.

He is always willing to help friends, family, or strangers (including--or rather, especially babies!).

And he has shown other less well known traits like cooking and baking, 

A love of learning,

And enthusiasm for life.

I know he is trying to keep his identity secret, even from me. But I'm no Lois Lane. I'm on to him!

Thanks for being so Super! So glad I married such a super hero on 07/07/07.

Then again, maybe I'm just making too much of this.

Maybe he's really Batman.