Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ultrasound #2: How many babies are in there?

I didn't sleep well last night. I was dreaming all night about triplets. I felt sick as I went to bed and sick waking up. Abe asked why I felt so nervous, what I was hoping to happen? I didn't know. I didn't have any expectations for our second ultrasound this morning. I felt up for the task if it was going to be triplets but I also knew twins would be the safest bet. If I had to flip a coin, I would have called triplets, but only by a hair.

I was really happy that Abe was able to accompany me to my appointment again this morning. We woke up and drove in to the hospital together. That in itself was a nice moment! Waking up together, getting ready together, and leaving the house at the same time together. That never happens.

Once we were checked in and back for the ultrasound, life got much less complicated!

We saw Baby A...

... and Baby B...

2 healthy babies!

After some searching, we found only a small white blob where Baby C used to be.

I wasn't sure how I would respond to the news, but I felt calm and relieved. I was so happy to see our two healthy di/di twins, more than twice the size they were last time and without any apparent complications. 

I worried I would mourn the loss of Baby C. I was kind of rooting for the little guy. But I am grateful that I have two healthy babies! I am also grateful to have two healthy babies instead of three babies with one that was struggling or worse, putting the other two in danger. 

So we are back to "the best kind of twins," with no worries about tangled cords or uneven placenta sharing. 

I think they are pretty cute!
And back to mentally living in our own house, buying a new car when we are ready, and hopefully continuing to work and walk around farther than 20 weeks (so many stories of bed rest at 20 weeks for triplets).

All of that after I finally made my case to get into the uber exclusive, secret triplet Facebook group. It was great while that lasted, all of 12 hours!

Today's stats:

Week 9 day 0
Weight: 147 lbs (office); 145.4 lbs (home)
Total Weight Gain: 3.4 lbs
Blood pressure: 122/69

Baby A: 24.1 mm (9 1/7 weeks); FHR (fetal heart rate) 186 bpm
Baby B: 24.6 mm (9 1/7 weeks); FHR 189
Baby C: 3.5 mm (6 0/7 weeks); FHR absent

nausea --usually mild but worse the past few days
fluctuating baby bump -- sometimes it looks huge, other times hardly there


Susan said...

Right to focus on the positive. This really is great news. And now you can taunt your kids for the rest of their lives how they eliminated the competition. I've heard people talk about how they absorbed their twin. ha ha

Camber said...

Congratulations!? I'm so glad babies A & B look good, and while I'm not surprised about baby C I'm glad you seem to be handling it okay. Good luck moving forward!