Sunday, January 18, 2009

Last minute thoughts

Match Day is coming, as you can see by the handy countdown timer I added. In just over 1 week I will have a better idea about what path my future will take me down. I am not sure the exact time that day I will be notified, but I will try my best to get the word out as soon as I know.

A few thoughts as it nears:

I am a little nervous for either result. I was recently offered the position for the general practice residency at the hospital. This is a relief to know I have a good back up plan.

If I do match in OS, I am looking forward to never doing cleanings or dentures again! I am excited to be in a hospital setting, learning about surgery, how to manage complex patient medical issues, and really becoming a specialist in a field I enjoy.

I am nervous about: the time committment, lack of sleep, and the potential that maybe I wont be up to par. As the only woman in the program I feel I will have to try extra hard to prove I am capable. I think the men in the program are great, but to be incompetent AND a woman would be hard to keep their respect.

If I do not match into OS, I will be a little relieved by the flexibility I will have in the next few years for family opportunities as well as with Abe's career. He wont be tacked down to a residency here in Iowa City. I can work normal dental hours and get a good night's sleep when I choose. I am nervous about having to learn more about things like dentures, pediatric dentistry, and the huge scope of general practice I will be required to know, as well as the hope that I will enjoy it as much as I would OS.

Either way, it will be an exciting day!

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shawn said...

I will be counting down for you too.. HOWEVER... just remember.. cleanings, dentures and all that other stuff is still part of dentistry no matter what field you are in... just sayin'
But I truely hope you get in.. we need more women in the OS field!!