Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Impressions

Today is my last official day of orientation. Tomorrow I start a science/anatomy course for the next month to give me a good review of things I will need to know/remember to be successful in my internship. This will be a good experience and I am esp excited for anatomy.

Yesterday the chief residents asked us to stay around and watch how things roll along in the clinic to try to catch on with paperwork and hospital procedures. I volunteered to assist in the OR on a trauma case. Unfortunately, despite my best intentions, I passed out. in the OR. during surgery. on the floor. ugh.

I don't know if you have ever passed out before but here is what it was like for me.

Man, I am very hot. Wow, sweating like a pig hot. Hot, hot, hot. Wow, that is a mandible. It is really broken. Phew, it is hot. I should probably sit down. Uh-oh, my headlamp is plugged in and I am in between a bunch of cords (that are keeping the patient ALIVE)--I don't think I can get out. Uh, nurse, nurse, look my way (should I speak up?). Whoah, seeing spots. Better speak up:
"Um, I need to be unplugged, I'm not feeling well."

Sleep....very very dark, heavy, dreaming sleep. I think I was dreaming about SCUBA diving or something. Very restful at home in bed for hours and hours sleep.

(Slowly I open my eyes) Who is that, she is wearing green and a funny hat. I'm not at home? Oh no! I didn't! Really, Erin, really! Great. I must have passed out. Really? It seems like ages ago I was standing there assisting. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Way to make a good first impression, Erin! Oxygen, is that really necessary? Yes a wheelchair would be great. No I'm not pregnant, at least I really don't think so!

They wheeled me upstairs where I showered and changed and sheepishly went back to the clinic, hoping no one would ask why I was back so early. Don't worry, they did. Embarassing! But funny.

Luckily, I guess the huge anesthesiology resident who happened to be on our surgery caught me before I hit my head. Luckily #2, he was able to lift me completely over all of the cords and lay me safely on the floor. Luckily #3, I did not fall on the sterile field or bump the surgery. Luckily #4, people acted like it wasn't a big deal. Luckily #5, hospitals have new clean pairs of scrubs everywhere and showers.

I hope things don't continue in this fashion!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where have you been?

I feel like I have fallen off the blog-o-sphere. Here are some of the reasons why:

* Our computer died. This means no easy access. It will be hard to cough up the dough for a new one but it is so hard to go without! I may have to wait for my first real paycheck before this is fixed.
* We were on vacation! We spent a glorious week in the Bay Islands (in the Caribbean) SCUBA diving with my family. NO internet access or phone.
* I have started my orientation for work. This includes hours of multiple computer trainings (I have to use 3 different computer health record systems this year!), compliance trainings, a physical exam, white coat fittings, and even 6:30 am rounding sessions and homework. So far it has been okay...I am still nervous about getting used to things. I HATE the first 2 weeks of a new job!
* It has been SO hot. Who feels like doing anything when it is a heat warning and an index of 108.

I have been assured I will be working up to and probably well over my allotted 80 hour work week starting very soon. We'll see how much blog time I have then!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crank Calling

It has been awhile, a busy week or so with a lot going on. On top of that, our computer died. For that reason, I have a funny story to tell and will pass over graduation festivities until I have some picture capabilities.

On Sunday night my sister asked if I knew anyone named "Rosa." Said "Rosa" kept texting her while sis waited for her connection in the Chicago airport. The only clue to "Rosa's" identity was an Iowa number and that they had "met" at my wedding. Two years ago? Strange.

Finally, I checked the phone number of the new text buddy which turned out to be Abe's grandmother's cell. Fishy! Grandma doesn't hardly make calls on her phone--texting would be a large stretch, especially under the psuedoym, "Rosa."

Anyway, to get to the bottom of this, Abe texted Rosa.

Abe: "How's it going? Is this still Jane?"
Rosa: "Sorry, this used to be my grandma's phone."
Rosa: "What I meant to say was, yes this is still me."

That was a pretty hilarious way for Rosa to clue us in to her identity. After some more detective work, Rosa's phone was found in Abe's little sister's drawer. Also, Rosa acting under a new name, sent some other messages, for example to Abe's brother asking where "Jamal from NY" was.

The only mystery now is, how did Rosa get my sister's number?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I was hoping not to have to come back to the school until my internship begins. However, I just learned that in order to get my license I need a new score report from WREB to submit to the Iowa Dental Board. For whatever reason, the $2000 + I paid for the exam does not cover receiving a score besides "PASS." We were under the impression this would be okay but only recently found out that the IDB needs the real scores before our applications for licensure can be processed.

So, I am back at the school trying to print off a form (our computer hasn't been working) so I can pay WREB another $30 money order for my scores. (Why is this not included in my original fee, by the way? Isn't that part of taking a test--getting a score?)

Trouble is, a girl is printing off what seems like hundreds of pages of notes on the very slow printer. I have about five 15-25 page jobs ahead of me. All for my one page. So I can pay for WREB to get me my scores. So I can get my license late and possibly delay my internship. Beautiful.

I have to be to the bank for my cashier's check before 5:00. Come on girl! I don't think I'm going to make it and I'm not sure I have access to another printer.