Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nutty Putty Cave

I still can't believe this happened! I can only imagine the fear and horror he and his family must have felt while he was trapped alive. They can't get him out and will seal off the cave which is just unimagineable to me.

Have you been to Nutty Putty? It is a very popular spot in Utah. I went with some friends during college and I guess it wasn't such a bad thing that I was too scared to crawl through the "birth canal."

Favorite Store

Abe and I did a little "black friday" shopping. However, we found our deals at 7:30 pm, not in the early morning hours, and not because of great "black friday" sales, but mostly good luck and one of our favorite stores.

It seems that stores do not value customer service any more. You can no longer get cash or even change from gift cards any more. So really, when you have $5 on a card left and don't want anything else in the store, you either buy more or GIVE them the card. Or it expires with all of your mom's money going to them for Christmas instead of you.

Places like Target will only let you return something like 2 items per year. And it has to be within a certain number of days of purchase. We received many wedding gifts from Target that we found did not work or we didn't need after all, but having received them at wedding showers months before we were married, were uneligible to return these unused or broken items. With this in mind, this is why we love Bed Bath and Beyond. They continually amaze us with their customer service. We have taken back items almost a year later, can receive cash back from all of our gift cards (which never expire), and they seem to really value keeping the customer first. So refreshing!

Last night we were perusing for some potential Christmas gifts. On a side note, we have been casually looking for bedding for 2 years. We happened to find one we both liked that was reduced from $150 to $89. Great! We also had a 20% off coupon so we thought that would make an even greater deal. Next, we found matching curtains on sale for only $10 per panel, so we bought four for our room. Cool. Abe had a $5 off coupon we thought he could use to buy these separately.

When we arrived to the register we remembered a $25 credit we had for referring our sister there for her bridal registry. We noticed, however, that it had expired in April. We asked if they would consider taking it even though it was expired and they gladly did. They also let us combine all of our coupons, evidently they let you use as many coupons as you have items (they dont' abide by the one per person per visit idea), at least at the one in Coralville, IA. So, we saved $30 plus 20% off the bedding.

So....the moral of the story: We got $220 worth of stuff for only $85.

Thank you BBandB!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Party Pooper

Each year in the fall we try to host a carmel apple making party. Abe makes fantastic carmel apples. It seemed the right time to host this year's party and we decided to invite some of our old carmel apple party regulars, who happen to be medical residents now, and to keep from mixing company too much and as a friendly gesture, decided to invite the other residents from my program and their wives/kids.

I emailed everyone with a request they RSVP so we knew how much food we would need. Then, I waited. and waited. and waited. I had one resident and his wife let me know they already had plans and would not be able to attend. As for the other 9 residents, I never heard anything.

A night before the party I started to panic no one would be there. I was frustrated that while I have many friends I could have invited and would loved to have seen there, I thought it would be a nice thing to do to invite the guys from work. By then, it a bit late to get many new invitees.

So, we had our party. I half expected someone to show up, unexpectedly, just forgetting to RSVP. But nope. We had two couples show up (not from my program) and had a lot of fun (thanks our back-up couple for coming-- you weren't back-up in our thoughts, we just were trying not to mix company too much ).

However, I just kept wondering..."What if this had been a big deal to me? What if my self esteem were riding on the attendance of this party? What if the two couples who had come had not come (and Abe's family weren't around), how bad would I feel?" I keep thinking back on movies I have seen with the girl who is in her party dress with decorations and cake, waiting and waiting when no guests come to her party. Needless to say, I was a bit frustrated by the lack of consideration. Maybe I broke some unwritten rule I don't know about...maybe we don't socialize outside of required work parties?

It seems like a fluke-y thing, except 2 years ago I made a similar attempt with some classmates in a group I was in for my whole third year. Out of the 11 of them, only one came (the foreign exchange student who had nothing else to do).

So I keep wondering, do people not like carmel apples? or is it another factor (like me)?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I don't have much time to myself but I realized today when I am home and alone the thing I almost inevitably want to do is make something. With this in mind, I like to peruse fabric stores and walmart's craft section for things on sale to have on hand in case I need a quick creative fix.

During my perusings at walmart while picking up a few essentials, I had some inspiration. I know I have almost missed the fall season (Christmas decorations will likely come out in just a few short weeks), but I couldn't resist when I saw some really pretty colorful leafy garland in pretty fall colors with gold sparkles. And besides, I've been wanting a wreath or other seasonal door decoration.

$6.97 and about 25 minutes later (due to my excessive fiddling, not complexity), I had a pretty wreath. I didn't glue anything down so I guess I can change out the garland for other seasons, and probably leave the taffetta. I dunno. Anyway, I feel proud of myself because outside of sewing, I don't feel very capable in the crafting department. The picture really doesn't do it justice, I think it looks much better in real life, by the way. I should have looked for a rounder wreath, too.

Now, how do I get it on my door?

Friday, November 6, 2009

You go girl!

I was shocked and very sad to hear of the events at Fort Hood. What a tragic blow for our country when our own citizens turn on each other. As a medical professional, it made me even more appalled that a physician took so many lives that he went to school years and years to protect, help, and heal.

When I heard the person who took the shooter down was a woman I was very interested. I was impressed she would have the courage to stand up to him and risk her life to save those around her. I think we need strong women who are willing to stand up and protect our families and neighbors from the evils of the world. I hope she has a speedy and successful recovery.

I admire and respect the men and women who give their lives to protect our country. I love working at the VA hospital and hearing the stories and the incredible sacrifices of those who have done so much for us. Thank you and God bless! I am sorry such a tragic event has effected those who already put themselves willingly in harm's way for us.