Monday, February 23, 2015

Two Week Wait Day 7

So how am I feeling today?

Funny how emotions change so much from day today. Today was fine. In fact, today was even good. I kept busy at work but not overwhelmingly so. I felt more energized than I have in awhile. And I am feeling positive.

I think all of your kind words and encouragement helped a lot. And I am grateful to those who reminded me that it is okay to hope and be positive. I do think there is power in positive thinking, positive energy, good juju. I even did some meal planning for the week and am trying a new recipe even tonight! That's the first time in months I've felt up to cooking, especially something from a recipe.

I feel like my symptoms are slightly different this time (finally, the promised chest tenderness everyone has been warning me about and no signs yet of a new cycle rearing its ugly head*). They say that you can experience pregnancy symptoms from the hormones alone, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. So, the fact I feel different seems like a good sign as I've done the hormone thing multiple times already.

Seven days down.

*Sorry if that seems like TMI. I debated over and over again whether I should include those symptoms here. I did for the sake of full disclosure. Because I know I have been wondering and searching for clues from others so maybe it can help someone else figure it out, too!

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