Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Two Week Wait Day 2

So, how am I feeling today?


I don't know about your location, but Iowa is cold right now. Windchill factor of something like -25 degrees F. 

Maybe that is appropriate as I'm not feeling much today (like when your body goes numb after being in the cold too long -- maybe a stretch). After a busy day at work I came home feeling a little less tired but also not particularly motivated. Hmmm. I'm trying to not be hard on myself for days like this (or weeks it seems lately) when I'm not extracting 100 teeth a day, cleaning the house from top to bottom, making gourmet meals, and running 10 miles.

Speaking of which --exercise. I was feeling a little more up to that today. But still not sure. There are some restrictions after the procedure, but they have also been a little vague. Some of the written instructions and staff have said no vigorous exercise until after the pregnancy test. Others have said exercise is okay. Logically it seems like it should be fine to me, but after so many failures I'm not quite sure I'm ready. Maybe it is just the tiredness speaking? I would really just love to go for a nice long walk... but the cold...

Also, I'm feeling grateful for the kind words and prayers from so many friends. Thanks for everyone who has said hello--so nice to hear from you! And yay to those who have had some success in their own fertility journeys. Thanks for sharing with me (the struggles and the successes).

Two days down. 

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