Monday, February 16, 2015

Transfer #3

Our third transfer was mid-December. After a few weeks of discouragement, I was feeling much more confident. The rates of pregnancy after 2 cycles are something like 70%. So I figured the odds after three would be in our favor. And besides, we had some special fertility powder my in-laws brought back from Jerusalem for us. How could it not work?!?

The story behind the powder was that it is from the Milk Grotto Church in Jerusalem. If I remember right there is a cave covered in white chalky rock where it is suspected that baby Jesus was born. The cave is now rumored to have fertility powers and they even sell the powder. Our in-laws were nice enough to bring plenty back for us.

I'm pretty skeptical about this sort of thing (especially when I was trying to drink it!) but we thought it was worth a try! 

I'm feeling like an old pro at this procedure now. I had a new set of doctors again (interesting how we haven't had any repeats yet). Things went smoothly and we were crossing our fingers again. I didn't drink quite so much water this time which made the 10 minute lying down at the end much more tolerable. 

With the holidays coming up, we had to wait even longer than the usual 10 day wait to find out our results. I'm getting better at waiting but the extra time definitely made it harder. We finally found out the results and again were disappointed. Negative again. Third time wasn't the charm. Mother Mary didn't seem to help much. Despite low odds, we flipped a "tails" again. It was starting to feel like we have a weighted coin.

I felt devastated this time. I felt like everyone I had talked to had become pregnant by this time or their problems were related the the harvest or embryo quality. I started getting a haunting feeling that this was all for naught. We met with one of the doctors shortly after and discussed our results.

So far, everything had seemed to go well: my harvest went well, our fertilization rate was above average, there are some benefits to freezing all of our embryos, and our embryos were of good quality, I am young and healthy and compliant. Evidently, the entire team of doctors was scratching their heads unsure why it had not worked yet for us. But, we were told they were still optimistic for the future. They also recommended we transfer two embryos instead of one for the next time. This is rare for them (at our center) to recommend for someone under 35 but they felt like it would give us the best chance. So we decided to continue and wait until the next transfer round...

Which is today!

Embryo count: 3 remaining

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