Friday, February 13, 2015

Transfer #2

I guess in a way we were lucky to have a crazy busy summer and fall. Studying for boards, weekend trips to Mason City (while Abe was on rotation for 9 weeks), and what felt like lots of traveling made all of the waiting much more tolerable. 

After the first round didn't work I was feeling like I "didn't know if I could do it again." We went to Orlando shortly after for a conference and I guess the Happiest Place on Earth helped me gather up my courage for a second round. 

This time the hormone injections were a little trickier as Abe was out of town except for a few short weekends. It was a relief that the nurses at work were supportive and willing to administer my injections at the end of each work day (or maybe they gladly took the chance to stab me with needles!). This meant I only had to give myself my shot one time which was a big relief.

Finally mid-October arrived and we were ready for transfer #2.

* * *

From my personal journal on October 15, 2014.

I was really glad Abe was able to come home from Mason City last night to be here for my embryo transfer.

We slept in, walked to the hospital, and checked in. Two doctors different from the last time (but again, a fellow and a staff doctor) did the procedure. This time the speculum and cervical sponge part was pretty painless (last time it was quite painful!). The trial catheter went in the very easily the first shot. But, the doctor did have a little trouble maneuvering the catheter containing the embryo -- enough so that they had to send it back to the lab to put in the warmer to prevent it from over cooling and being damaged. I felt a little bit worried but in the end, it seemed to go well. The worst part of it again was the full bladder. And this time it was even worse because of the delay. The extra poking and prodding certainly didn't help the situation! Waiting the 10 minutes before I could get up was agony.
Our embryo bubble

This time I feel very guarded and matter-of-fact. I know there is a high chance it wont work and that part of it feels real now. So, I'll try to just patiently wait without too much thought about it.

* * *
Unfortunately, our blood test 10 days later came back negative again. I was very disappointed as I started to get a glimpse of the idea that it may never work. But, I could pick the good out of it as I was very worried about the timing. If the baby had come we would have had a 4th of July baby--the busiest time at work for me and also for Abe (this would be his first week as a senior resident with extra responsibilities and new residents to train and perhaps an inability to get much time off).

Probably the worst part about the whole process is the waiting (and the associated uncertainty). We decided to go ahead as soon as possible with the next round. However, the timing would put it the week I was supposed to be in Denver for a board study prep course. Timing, timing, timing! Coordinating the doctors' cycle with your own female cycle can be tricky, so this pushed us back to December. More waiting!

Embryo count: 4 remaining


Rachel Culmer said...

I like your pictures. :)

It's hard to work around schedules and cycles. Honestly, it gets a little annoying after a while. Sometimes I think "I'd just like to live my life without having to operate on a cycle, schedule, and tests." Sigh. The things we do to bring children into this world.

There's been a recent new phase/change with us. We are starting to consider a question we NEVER thought about before: when do we stop pursing things medically (cause if we do, then there will be no more Culmer children for us)? It's a tough question, and we've done a lot of fasting and praying about it. Haven't received our answer yet. It's a work in progress.

Erin said...

Oh Rachel, that is such a hard question and one that is always in the back of my mind. I hope you find some clarity and comfort in your decision. I'm hear if you want to chat (I have lots of free time on my commute). Thinking of you.