Saturday, February 21, 2015

Two Week Wait Day 5

So, how am I feeling today?

Is it really only day 5?

It feels like I've been at this blog series for a long time. Halfway there I guess.

We stayed the night in Nauvoo last night. The evening was spent cleaning the temple. Abe and I had the awesome job of disinfecting practically every touched surface in the 5 levels of the temple. That's a lot of up and down the four staircases sanitizing door knows and rails and tables.

This morning we did a session at the temple and saw the movie Meet the Mormons at the visitor center before making the almost 2 hour drive home.

I feel tired and quiet now. I'm not sure if that was being gone all day, all the cleaning we did, or just the calming effect of the temple. So, I'm happily sitting on the couch as Abe makes dinner. Love him!

Five days down.

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Rachel Culmer said...

Miss the Nauvoo temple!