Thursday, February 19, 2015

Two Week Wait Day 3

So how am I feeling today?

Last night I had this huge feeling of dread come over me when it was time to take my nightly pills. Funny how sometimes it is the little things that get to you. I have been taking multiples pills a day for going on a few years. Right now I take 7 per day -- 3 estradiol, 2 metformin, 1 levothyroxine, and a prenatal vitamin, all related to my fertility. So, it isn't a big surprise or by any means something new to have to do this. But I just felt like gagging thinking about swallowing them down this time. I wasn't too excited about my shot, either, when that came next. I realized I have already had about 60 progesterone shots over the past 4 cycles. If it works, I will have to continue for 12 weeks. So, I've already gone through two months of what should be a 3 month cycle. If only it worked that way and you didn't have to start over every time! I guess I just wasn't feeling very brave this time.

I woke up feeling slightly nauseated. Who knows what that means? It is hard not to question and read into every little feeling.

I am feeling more anxious today to know the result. I keep remembering, "I might be pregnant!" That thought actually made me gasp thinking about it today. But then I quickly remember I may not be. I feel pretty hopeful and positive this time so that thought really didn't sit well with me.

On a positive note, I finally got a little motivation and did some cleaning despite getting home a little late. I even got to dishes, laundry, and new sheets on the bed. Yay for a clean house when feeling a little stressed.

So feeling a little anxious today. But just a little. Still trying not to think about it much.

Three days down.

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