Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lacrosse Tourney

Tomorrow evening I leave for my first Minneapolis encounter (excluding the twin cities airport).

We (the University of Iowa women's lacrosse team) are playing in a lacrosse tournament on Saturday. I am excited to play again and a little nervous. It has been about 3.5 years since I have played in a game. We play 3 games between 8-12:30. I hope my exercising has been enough to help me get through, or at least to keep up with the skinny little freshmen and other undergrads, and that I am not as out of practice as I sometimes worry.

I am also interested/nervous to see how we measure up. Regardless, it will be fun to play. I hope we are competitive, however. It is a bit unsettling going from a nationally ranked (#5?) team to a pretty novice team without even a coach. But, like I said, playing lacrosse in any form will hopefully be fun if I can keep up and keep warm. They are "plowing the field" for us so we can play even in the snow. BRR!

Anyone interested, we have a tournament at home at the UofI on April 5.

Wish us luck!

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