Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My husband and I love to cook together. Since there are only two of us this often ends up in us hosting dinners or dessert parties, etc. I can't imagine how fat we would be if we didn't. People tend to think that this is all we ever do for entertainment (which is probably true). It is fun to try out new recipes with our new appliances we received for our wedding.

So, I am pleased to announce that Abraham has loaded a handful of new recipes we have recently tried to his blog,

I thought I would alert any readers who have given up on the idea of any new posts from him. I know the choices can be overwhelming so if you are looking for some yummy treats I would recommend the Tahitian Coconut Bread and if you haven't yet, the oatmeal cake. I would actually recommend them all, but thought I could spotlight a few.

We made sushi a few weeks ago with a friend and hope he will upload a "sushi tutorial" soon.


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