Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bed Bath and Beyond Horrific

Yesterday we went with Abe's sister to help her register for her wedding registry. Since her fiance lives across the country it seemed unreasonable to wait to do it with him. We, being the experts on such things...having done it within the past year, were perfect candidates to assist her in this difficult task.

However, this exciting event was marred by a quite tragic and horrific event. A woman presented to the customer service desk with a large temper and a disfiguring gash across her cheek! How can she be expected to go back to work as an actress when she is so horribly mutilated?

In actuality, Abe and his mom said it was more of a scratch or abrasion. Hardly anything that some of that actors cake make-up couldn't cover up. Seems like she is doing pretty good as an actress to me. She put up a large fit and promptly had her lawyers call the store. I guess they should be responsible for her not being able to climb up the shelves safely without having merchandise fall upon her. Maybe she was practicing for an upcoming stint as a climber?

Anyway, they asked Abe to act as a witness to the "gash" her lawyers are threatening to sue over. It makes me mad that people can do stupid things and then get rewarded for it. Yes, it is tragic she got a scratch from falling merchandise, but it was also not super judgement to climb up shelving.

On another note, I highly recomend BB&B for registries. We registered at Target and BBB and were very impressed with how easy and helpful BBB was in comparison. Seven months later we took back an item from our registry and got cash back. No fiddling with gift cards or exchanging items for ones in the same questions asked, we got the cash in hand which has been very helpful for us starting out. If any of you go there, let them know we sent you!

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Bob said...

Also, it amazes me how a person can live for 5 years like a filthy pig, not vacuuming once and storing a boat load of cardboard boxes directly on raw dirt in a crawl space then turn around and sue the landlords because amazingly, there is mold growing amongst the filth.