Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've been trying to have a good attitude about the SB thing. So far, the instructors have been nice, things have been working out, and although busy, I've managed quite happily.

Today, ironically, I feel more frustrated than ever even though I got home by about 6pm, quite early. This afternoon things went fine with my patient. I moved on to the next step (which I anticipated to be another appointment...yay for saving time!) but misunderstood what my instructor wanted from me not once, but twice. Oops. This slowed me up quite a bit, so much so, that I had to back track and bring my patient back for the appointment after all. Worst part is, it will only take about 15 minutes to do it (although I'm sure waiting on instructors, reviewing medical histroy, etc will add some time on). I feel bad that my patient who drives 2 hours has to come back for that because I made a mistake.

But, a light in the tunnel...he could come on a day he already has an appointment, save a trip. Great idea, except 2 instructors will be gone and no one is available to work with us on that day. We will have to wait until another Thursday afternoon except all of my Thursday afternoons are booked for the next 3-4 weeks. So, he can't come in until April 17 (he wants his denture by May!) unless I can convince another patient to come in another day (is that fair to her?). Coordinating my schedule, my many patients' schedules, and my instructors' schedules has been a task.

And, I burned myself. I have a large blister. Ouch. I dripped hot compound (an impression material for dentures) on myself while doing a procedure (distracted) and it stays hot a very long time.

Tired. At least I don't have any responsibilities tonight.

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