Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mascara Mamma

Well, one more day until my poll is officially closed. Thanks for everyone that shared. I have actually really taken the results to heart...and have tried wearing mascara practically every day. Even in my pony tail and scrubs I have noticed a big difference! My one trick is that I must curl my lashes everyday or I might as well not bother with the mascara...they are so darn straight.

A few questions/concerns/problems however; one, it seems like my eyelashes always fall out. Does anyone else feel this way. I know this is not normal because my identical twin has beautiful thick and long lashes that I used to have myself. I am not reaching my genetic potential here.

Secondly, no matter what I do I cannot seem to get the mascara off my face. The non-waterproof has been a big help but I feel like I've tried everything...the washcloth, no washcloth, soap, make-up remover (the best bet). But I'll still be washing it off three days later and not getting huge raccoon eyes every time I shower is impossible. Sometimes I get so frustrated I just leave it. One lady said every night you don't wash your face it gets a day older. Don't know if I believe that (she was trying to sell makeup products and how do you really know that, anyway?) but do you think that is bad?

Let me know your tips ladies.


Amber said...

I really don't do anything special. I use face soap with make-up remover already in it. I think that stuff that works the best for me was the Neutrogena in an orange tube. And I don't really scrub. If it doesn't all come off, oh well. To get it off your undereyes, just make you you get soap on the bottom.

Bob said...

During my mascara wearing days, I used vasoline. I gooped it on liberally and rubbed gently. I left it on and washed it off in the shower. It worked well and that was on waterproof mascara. I had roommates tell me I was crazy or weird but I also attribute that to my long-lived youthful appearance which is only now starting to fade.

Anonymous said...

If you're trying to get mascara off of your lashes, especially waterproof, I recommend Pond's Cold Cream or Clinique eye makeup remover. Rub a little onto your eyes and then wipe off with a wet washcloth. If you're trying to get it out from under your eyes, I recommend Neutrogena Make-up Remover towelettes. They are gentle and do a great job. Those three products have always been my tried-and-true. Also, I have found that if I don't wash my mascara off at night, my lashes break off due to the rubbing on my pillow. Plus, I've never liked the idea of rolling around on a dirty face/pillow at night, either. :-) Hope those tips help!