Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Say what?

Do you ever feel like there are people you just can't seem to communicate with? That even though you are speaking the same language, you just aren't understanding each other? I think I'm experiencing this with a professor at school.

He asks me questions and I can't figure out what he wants to know. He asks me over and over again and I end up speechless by the end, lost and wondering what is going on. Eventually, he frustratedly tells me the answer to something I actually knew. He asks me about procedures and I think I know what to do but I never quite do what he wants. Today I tried to talk to him in his office. I waited patiently while he was with another student until I thought he motioned for me to tell him what I needed. When I started to talk he got after me for cutting in line. Oops. I quickly left and when I came back extended my olive branch apology, that I did not mean to be rude and that I did not understand what he meant. He proceeded to tell me again that I can't just cut in front of others who are waiting. --I know, that is why I apologized. I couldn't seem to communicate my intentions there, either.

Frustrating. I can't decide if I am not preparing adequately for my responsibilities (I don' t know where to find most of the information--digging through 2.5 years of old notes for answers) or if they expect me to know things we have never discussed.

Anyone good at mastering communication barriers? I need some help.

PS I don't think I communicated my concerns in this post very well, either

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