Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lacrosse Update

We survived our first tournament as a team. We lost our first 2 by quite a bit (now I know what it was like to play against BYU) but pulled off a win in the final game with a score of 10-8. Phew!
It was fun playing again although frustrating. It can be hard on defense to feel like you are making a difference when you are losing by almost 15-20 points. But, I guess I shouldn't get down on myself too much...I haven't played for 3.5 years, I am not in as good a shape as I used to be (do I have time?), and I was playing with a new team with many girls who have never played before. Considering this, I think I did okay. I hope I start to feel a little more useful this weekend. I can't believe I only get to play in 3-4 more games, ever! Sad.
Here is info on our team...schedule, pics, stats, etc. Unfortunately, defenders don't pick up many stats when you aren't shooting on goal or getting assists.
Come to our games this weekend if you like! I think they'll be a lot more competitive than this past weekend.


Caitlyn said...

): I would, but you know there's kind of that state barrier

Bob said...

I am glad you have this chance to play one last year, even if it is not as mind-boggling as playing for BYU.