Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Wow I feel tired tonight. I stayed up doing some reading assignments last night in preparation for an exam. I've never been good at staying up late for studying so for me, late was about 11:30 or midnight and a final bedtime of about 1 am. Yawn. I found out that I had about 14 full length journal articles I was responsible for for a test I found out I had the day before. Oops...I lack organization a bit, but I am working on it and getting better.

Tonight I have to brave the cold again for lacrosse practice. I should go early enough to do conditioning but I have some other things to get done first (notice that I am blogging instead...lame-Oh, Erin). So tonight's 10:45 pm practice I think is going to take a toll. I just keep thinking that it is good preparation for late nights at the hospital if I do an oral surgery residency. I need like 9 hours of sleep...how will I do it?

The extra studying wasn't worth it, by the way.

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Jason, Kim, & Kallie said...

Hey Erin, its Kim Stoddard. I found your blog on Nicoles. Thought I would give you a shout out for the incredibly LONG schedule you keep. Way to go sista! Our blog is kjstoddard.blogspot.com; check it out.