Sunday, March 1, 2009

The case of the missing sonic the hedgehog

We are lucky that our city library rents video games. With the recent purchase of our nintendo wii, we have enjoyed checking out games we are interested in trying for free.

However, last week we returned a game and forgot about it until we received a library notice today in the mail. The notice unfortunately states that the disk is missing from the case that was returned over a week ago and that we will incur charges until all parts are returned.

Abe and I both remember him placing the game in his backpack to return to the dropbox on his way to school last week. He even remembers double checking to make sure the disk was present (since we have returned empty boxes to the movie rental store before). We have checked everywhere it could be, including our game console and entertainment center (the only place we ever put it) with no luck. This is not like a set of keys that we would have set down anywhere in the house.

So, my only thought is...somebody (library worker?) stole the disk from the box. How can you prove to the library, though, that you are not the one responsible for its loss?

This turned into a more expensive "free trial" than I thought!


shawn said...

ok, that just stinks.. when do they call it even?? I mean when you pay for the stupid game.. which you don't even have?? And what happens when it just shows up again??
Are the games easy to get to? Or do you have to ask someone for the game? I mean if they didn't check the box when it came in, and just put it on the shelf.. did some kid come in and take it??? just a thought??...
hope that it "shows" up soon!!

Dave said...

I always hate these kind of things when they happen. I would ask to speak to a supervisor and him/her to take your information and refund you if it happens to turn up.

BTW, is the game any good.