Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A little healthy competition

what a pun of a title, huh?

I am starting to think more of how this is going to work. Here are my initial thoughts. Please let me know what you think.

It will be an 8 week program starting on April 1 and going until the end of May.

I want this to be a support system with encouragement but also enough of a friendly competition for those who are motivated more by that. I am still not sure on a prize/incentive. We could have a small monetary donation to join which goes to the winner at the end? A group incentive would be nice as well. Of course, there is always the incentive of a healthy you. Obviously that isn't always incentive enough, though!

Each person will have a weekly goal that will be measured on a point system. The points can be acquired through both fitness and nutritional goals. For example, exercising will earn a certain # of points for how long while avoiding a tempting treat will be worth another point total, etc. This will probably be a standard goal for everyone (for example, 50 points per week) but can be attained through a variety of point combinations that can be catered to you.

Each person will also have a personal long term goal. This could be a weight loss goal, a fitness goal (example: running a mile in a certain time period, biking x number of miles, etc), or other goal you feel is appropriate.

We will also have an overall group goal that will be the number of participants multiplied by the weekly point requirement. This will be incentive to encourage each other along the way.

What do you think? Any ideas for incentives?

Also, I think our blogs could be a good way to keep track and accountability. If you do not blog or feel uncomfortable, I can keep track of your goals as well as your progress privately.

Other ideas I have: each participant can post some of their favorite healthy recipes or tips to share with others. Bonus points for trying another person's recipe or tip?

Please let me know your suggestions and if you'd like to participate.


Abraham said...

You could also get a new blog address and create a centralized blog where all participants have the ability to update and add posts.

Amber said...

Good idea Abe. I like that idea. I have been trying to think of how this can work. I'd be happy to finally brainstorm the logistics. I'm in.

Suz said...

We need to get stared soon, I want to be my pre-baby bearing years weight by June 8!!!