Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Break Plans

Spring Break is coming. With that thought in mind (and rain outside instead of snow) I figured wrongly that today would be appropriate for a knee-length springy skirt. Oops. Still cold. I always forget that spring break in Iowa doesn't feel like spring.

I am starting to feel the doom of real life coming upon me. Not that I am dreading working and making money. The doom is that I can no longer have whole summers off to live in Honduras or travel Asia. This is sad, esp as I am finally going to have more financial room to do such things. Thus, I feel I really need to take advantage of the breaks I have.

I was hoping to do something fun for Spring Break. The problem: boards. This will make any spring break plans a little less than ideal. There are some great cruises right now, some for only $199 for 7 days in the Caribbean. Wow. What could be more perfect--Sailing in the sun, eating great food, relaxing on ship. Unfortunately, again, boards and no opportunity for a long trip.

We decided to visit Abe's sister in DC. We talk about going since I have never been. Finally decided to just go...a day later, flight prices were up again. So bummer.

So, looks like we will be here. Good for board prep I guess if necessary. My sister and her husband may come out. I am excited but feel the pressure. I love Iowa and always encourage people to come visit. However, once here I fail to find nice things to do, at least during the cold and rainy spring break season.

Any ideas?


Dave said...

DC can be cold and nasty too. It is a great city and has a great spirit about it.

It won't be too long when you and Abe will be able travel and get a nice break.

Plan on June for the family dive vacation. ;-)

shawn said...

Gee there is SO much to do in Iowa.. OK, I know that there is.. What about Amana?? I mean that is suppose to be cool.. Hey.. I was from Marshalltown... so excitment was going to DSM or Ames.. What can I tell you???
Do you have to take written boards too at the same time??
And did you get all your patients??

Chico said...

June is just around the corner. Doggie resort, here I come!

Abby said...

Seriously. SO bummer. Not to make you feel worse, but it's been 75 here all weekend! Of course, it could be cold again by the time you guys would've gotten here anyway.

But, I have to say, I'm flattered that a trip to see us was even being considered next to a cruise!

It will be fun to have visitors in Iowa again, though. Maybe an Amish lunch/dinner? Those were really good and something you can't do everywhere. Amana shops are kinda fun too.

brenna said...

I didn't know I was coming to visit!