Friday, June 13, 2008


Here are some pics of the flooding on Sunday before things got "bad." We are at the Coralville reservoir at the dam with the water just inches before going over the spillway. You can see a white sign on the side of the dam which is noting the water levels of the flood of 1993. We are suspected to be in much deeper (what a pun).

The University of Iowa has suspended all operations for the week of June 16-22. The College of Dentistry decided to follow suit. Very unusual. They asked to be kept open at first due to patient responsibilities and very rigid scheduling as far as graduation requirements, etc. In the end, to conserve needed power, the school will be closed. I have never been sad to have to stay home from school. Yesterday I was celebrating almost being done with my pros patients. I am going to be fine in the end with some rescheduling or just barely go over but many if not most of my classmates are going to be hurting. I am not sure what will have to happen to assist us in moving on to our senior year.

Crazy. I saw some of the water levels on the street by the dental school for myself. The main drag of the city is under water. It looks like a large lake with tree and signs.

I'll keep you posted if I continue to have power and internet. Thank goodness we do so far. We plan to ride our bikes to Abe's parents which will give us a good look at the flooding I am sure.

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