Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back to the Grind

Not to worry...I will be changing my template to a more eye friendly one soon. Sorry for the suffering in the meantime.

School starts up again tomorrow. Feels strange after a week off to go back, like I've never been in school or something. Luckily all of my patients plan on coming and finishing up their Pros work. I should finish two patients tomorrow with 2 crowns. Yay. While the roads running E/W across IC are mostly open, the N/S travel is still severly compromised. There is only one road open to reach the hospital, dental, medical school which means a LOT of traffic! Thankfully I live close enough to walk. If everyone shows up on time, things should go hopefully smoothly. I am dreading my finals (haven't really started studying). I am also needing to finish some of my research and definately get my OS application in by the end of the month if I can get my personal statement to a place I can stand. *Sigh* Maybe I should have done more school stuff this past week although I accomplished some good things here at home as well as for school.

Abe posted some awesome recipes we tried over the weekend. I am pretty excited about both of them. See his link on my bloglist,


shawn said...

I just found your blog,, not sure from where.. hm.. anyway.. I am from Iowa (Marshalltown) but live in Minneapolis... but as I was reading, I thought, is she really in DENTAL school.. sure enough.. I am a hygienist so I can almost understand!! WOW.. hey good luck on that personal statment! I am sure that things will work out well.. I will have to check back to see!
OH, and I loved the lunch bags!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, your lunch bags were really cute! I still carry a pink camo lunch pack thing with me to school and I'm graduating this year. I'm really mature, I know. :)