Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tail End

Good news: I have delivered 3 of the 4 prosthetic devices I had left for my prosthodontic patients. The last will be delivered on Thursday. Unfortunately, I have an implant case I have a lot of lab work to do that just hasn't been going quite my way.

I feel so tired today...not really sleepy tired, but feet hurt exhausted tired. I have 4 appointments tomorrow instead of my usual 2-3. That probably wont help any. I have some lab work to finish as well as a presentation in the morning, 2 finals the end of this week, and 3 finals next week. Yawn. I also have a youth conference meeting on Thursday. I haven't felt up to studying (part of me wonders what to study on a few of these tests) and my personal statement is still driving me crazy.

But, things overall are going well. I anticipate finishing Super Block on time. Yay. Next week I only have 2 patients scheduled as well, which will hopefully help with my studying. I hope to get over to the hospital to observe if that remains true.

Weird to think that a week from tomorrow will be my last day as a junior dental student. I'll be Dr. Sheffield in just over 11 months.

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MrColtonJackson said...

Dr. Jackson Sheffeild! party time!