Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The floods came up...

So I guess the Iowa River finaly crested on Sunday at 6:30 am at just under 32 feet. The estimated crest was Tuesday at 34 feet so thank goodness for that. I have a feeling the water will stick around for quite some time still but it is nice to know the worst has probably past.

Due to the changes, it looks as though we may be back to school on Thursday. Come on, people, make up your minds! Just as I start to visualize in my mind what to do with this week and come up with a good plan including a deep clean of my apartment (part way there), finishing my OS applications (still feel very lost on my personal statement), and some heavy duty work on my reserach as well as some assignments, I am about to lose all of this precious time. *sigh* We'll see what the final word is. It would be great to see my patient who was scheduled for Thursday but she wont drive in winter weather, I promise she wont take the 110 mile detour for a 2 mie stretch on top of her normally hour drive.

I am glad things will be on their way to getting back to normal. I think normal will be a long while coming.

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