Saturday, June 14, 2008

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Before picture (Sunday) Abe's parents' neighborhood

After (Friday)

Down hill from dental school (had to check it out on my way home) talking to my mom, "Wow this is unbelievable!"


University housing...glad we didn't live here.

Do you think we can stand 4-5 more feet come next week?

Rained again tonight...not as bad as it has been but still, come on, more water?

Tornado warning this evening. We were at HY-Vee buying groceries and had to stay in the back for about 10 minutes until the tornado passed. It was seen in Coralville, the adjacent city, but luckily did not touch down anywhere.


We had to go to the other side of town. Difficult to get to, almost all roads over and bridges are closed and flooded. I am amazed at how many businesses and familes are being affected. We drove over Burlington bridge. There was some water over it ("Turn around, don't drown" they keep saying) but it was more like a puddle and lots of cars were going through it. We drove over in Abe's little Honda Civic Del Sol just as a truck drove by the other lane. Oops. We got splashed so much we had to stop we could see nothing (and then a car behind us was kind enough to honk at us). Our back window was open and we got splashed. I hope we weren't contaminated.

Check out this news website for some amazing aerials of IC.


MrColtonJackson said...

thats pretty amazing stuff erin

Cami and Blake said...

Erin, I've been thinking about you, wondering if you are okay! Glad to see that you are. I can't believe how crazy the weather has been!