Saturday, June 21, 2008

Re-useable lunch sacks

I found this pattern on Martha Stewart. I've been interested in finding more economical and eco-friendly ways to pack our daily lunches. I hate throwing away paper and plastic!

They were very easy except I found the corners a little hard to maneuver. Overall, I think they turned out so cute! I love the red one (funny, it looks almost just like one Martha has on her site--something I didn't realize...I must just have a good eye for lunch bag fashion!) for being a little different and bold; I like the flowery one for looking kind of earthy and almost like paper.

I found the canvas at wal-mart. I'm not sure where to find oilcloth like they have on martha's site but I like the idea of being able to wash these.

I can't wait to use them. Too bad they are so girly. I may have to make one of denim or something for Abe.


MrColtonJackson said...

ah they look precious :D

brenna said...

those are cute. I like them