Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A streak of red

I would say I have a pretty open style when it comes to clothes. I love items that are a little outrageous or make a statement. I'm not always sure what statement I am sending but I get a big kick out of wearing something a bit out of the ordinary. In college my roommates and I would love to wear colored wigs (try that on BYU campus if you want to turn heads!), cowboy hats, plastic pants, big fur coats, etc. For awhile I rebelled against my femininity a bit and embraced my inner tomboy. I dyed the ends of my hair "grover blue" (sesame street), embraced my vans, and even sported a spiky leather wristband.

Since starting dental school I have mellowed out my style much more. I tried to adopt a professional style appropriate for school and my profession. Once they allowed us to wear scrubs I haven't done such a great job. I guess I am once again embracing my tomboy self with ponytails and "smurfy scrubs." I still try to uphold a professional appearance and now that I am married it seems less appropriate to wear plastic pants or a funny hat.

But...when I went home to Utah my sister had magnificent purple streaks in her hair despite being an employee of a very reputable company. So, with a little encouraging from my mom I had to follow suit and embrace my former wild, somewhat rebellious (come on, I don't really rebel any other way!) and go for it.

Here I am! The best part is it is "real Mongolian hair!" Only the best for the somewhat rebellious mormon girls of Utah.

I think I fit right in with my ultra-hip, edgy band hunk brother now.

And funny, I'm too scared to go blonde (something I've wanted to do for awhile) but going red didn't phase me at all.


MrColtonJackson said...

i think im gonna go get a red stripe so I can match you.

Diana said...

It looks great. I like that you aren't a conformist. You could make anything work because you are always true to yourself. Love ya lots!

Bob said...

Ok, mom denies that she had anything to do with it. (you cant rat me out like that!)

Caitlyn said...

brenna's hair is pink... and I have blue hair >8

Erin said...

Yeah but you couldn't see your blue hair when I was there...and brenna's faded to purple

MrColtonJackson said...

i went and got a blue one yesterday :D