Thursday, June 26, 2008

Success and chicken skins

Today was an amazing day! I finished my last Prosthodontic patient. It is hard to believe I have almost survived the terrors of super block! Okay, it hasn't been that terrible, I didn't mind it much, but there are definately horror stories that go around. This year has been an extra difficult year for super-blockers with ice storms and floods keeping patients away and even some lost and washed away lab work. I feel awful for those classmates. Somehow I managed to finish 1 week early!

And some random thoughts: I was making chicken tonight and removing the skin. I always remove the skin...thinking it is bad for you and fattening, etc. Today I realized, skin isn't least for humans there is often a layer of fat under the skin (is that why I have feared it?), but it isn't fat. Do I take it off because when it is fried that is the part that is the fatty fried part? I dunno. Regardless, the thought of eating skin is yucky, so I wont change my habits. I did realize that I tend to hold onto silly notions for years without thinking them through. What do you think about the skin?


Amber said...

I never understood the appeal of fried chicken UNTIL I actually ate the fried part--the skin. Pretty good. But I'm always the first to peel of the skin--even cooked.

Abraham said...

My friends from Hawaii call goosebumps "chicken skin."

MrColtonJackson said...

haha im not a fan of the texture