Saturday, February 7, 2009

Computer Glitch

This morning I went to take one of two computer exams associated with my licensure exam. Without all sections of this exam successfully completed, I will not be licensed to practice dentistry in Iowa or in any other state.

The 70 minute exam began with a 15 minute tutorial. The tutorial outlined the basic layout of the computer exam proctored by Pearson Vue, including using the mouse to click on various aspects of the test and how to use a scroll bar. After less than 2 minutes, I was ready to proceed to the test. I clicked, "Next," multiple times only to be told by a pop-up window that I had to click and scroll through ALL of the buttons of the tutorial. I felt that was silly, that I was forced to practice clicking on every icon but tried to do this and proceed. Again, the pop-up window.

I then saw a button that said "exit exam." Without thinking, I clicked the button, thinking maybe that was how to proceed. While clicking I realized this probably was incorrect but within seconds, I was logged off of the test.

The politics of the licensure test are up for dispute. There are many ways to fail that are often out of your control (patients not showing up being a big one). I think I may have found another! I was not able to return to the test since it had already been sent to WREB. I have to wait to hear back from them hopefully on Monday and try to sign up again.

I was very frustrated but mostly I am concerned about rescheduling. Almost every member of my class of 70 will be trying to take this exam in the next 4 weeks. Because I am on rotation, I am not allowed to take any time off of school. That leaves Saturdays, which may already be booked up. I had trouble getting the days scheduled in the first place.

My big question: why the warning for moving on to the test, but no pop-up warning asking if I wanted to quit the test before beginning. No, "Are you sure?" or "This will end the test and all chances of becoming a dentist."


shawn said...

OOOO another rant for me of things that I really hate.. I hope that you are able to take the test and that they find that there was glitch and you get to retake when you can.. good luck...

brenna said...

I hope you get it all figured out!