Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dental Depression

I have not been feeling like myself lately. Instead, I have been feeling like a dental student.

Somehow, despite its demands, I have managed to keep a relatively normal lifestyle. I keep busy but usually have time to pursue things I enjoy or need to do to stay sane. On the other hand, a good deal of my classmates have hated the dental experience 100% of the way. The seem very stressed, sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and sometimes depressed.

Recently (and for how long I can't quite say) I've been feeling the dental student inside me rearing its ugly head. Staying up long hours, eating quick (and usually unhealty meals), neglecting exercise, being moody, overwhelmed, frustrated, and full of complaints. Despite the coveted extramural experience where for the most part I am away from the dental dungeon for 10 weeks, I have felt more stress the past 5 weeks than I have at least since 2nd year.

For example, tomorrow I have a test worth 50% of my grade in one of my few classes of the year. I also have a jurisprudence test in the afternoon which must be passed to receive my Iowa license. After the school day is over, I go directly to a root canal practice session for my WREB exam until 8pm. When I get home, I will gather up my things (5 weeks worth of clothes, utensils, etc + clothes for my trip to Utah for Brenna's wedding), and make the 1.5-2 hour trek to Des Moines. When I arrive about 11pm I need to find the Emergency Room to collect my apartment key and then find my apartment and get to bed. All of this while Abe is at home feeding the missionaries and going to his intramural basketball game.

Somehow I also need to fit in talking to the WREB people about rescheduling my botched test from Saturday.

I'm not meaning to complain (something I do all too often on here) but I want to let you know why I may be a little less than myself. Combine this new rotation schedule and living with roommates again, missing Abe, exams, finding patients, Brenna's wedding, potentially making my bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding, 2 ward activities I am in charge of, stress about graduation/internship, and looking into potentially buying a house, I finally know what it feels like to be a typical dental student.


Chelsea said...

Wow, talk about a busy schedule. So you'll be alone in Des Moines for 5 weeks! Yikes! I'm sure you are so glad this is your last semester. You're almost there! (at least for this chapter of dental school...) ;) Good luck!

Diana said...

Hey Erin,

I totally understand your stress. I'm feeling that way these days with the combination of responsibilities in my life. I'm still waiting for one committee member to even read my dissertation before I can schedule the defense which I need to take place sometime in the next 6 weeks. I feel like life is kicking my butt these days as I'm making a mad dash to complete everything I need to do. It sounds like you feel the same way. Know that you're not alone. We need to talk again one of these days--assuming we have the time to even do so. Hang in there--you can do it!!!

Abby said...

You have to live in Des Moines for that long? Just that, without all the other added stress, is a good excuse to feel overwhelmed! Ugh. Good luck; you can do it!

Oh, and my mom told me a little about the house. Sounds cute, but try not to stress over that...with this market you guys probably have some time!

Suz said...

Take a deep breath. This too will pass.