Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bored Boards

So I have confirmed with 2 patients that they will sit for my boards. So, unless the examiners don't like them, I'm 2/3 good.

However, it seems like I keep finding out about more and more things I have to do before the exam or as part of the exam.

Jurisprudence test Feb 9
Computer exam (10+ day before WREB)
Endo practice --Feb 9
Prepare for my endo practice--(I need to now go in to the school and pick up teeth, get them mounted in my plastic mouth which is still on order (very helpful), take x rays, etc, etc--again, when am I at the school?)
X rays on one of my patients
Find one more patient
Find 3 back-up patients, just in case

It seems every other day there is something new I have to be working on/figuring out/taking care of, all while I am away from the hub of knowlege, understanding, and ability to get this stuff done...the school!

Somehow everyone gets this over with, but I've been really wondering how.


MrColtonJackson said...

i'm sorry, did you have to take two chem classes before O chem? just curious.

Abraham said...

I did. And I'm sorry about it too.