Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Give Kids a Smile

Today was GKAS day on our rotation. We provided free care to children all morning. It was one of my most challenging days with two very difficult patients. Despite having to literally wrangle a few to get the treatment done, I feel like I handled things very well. I left very sore and exhausted after wrestling a girl for a tooth extraction and after being one of 4 adults to restrain a 5 year old boy while my pediatric dentist instructor finally finished the work I unfortunately could not do myself.

The local newspaper was there catching the story. They caught me in a few pics. The first picture was before the wrangling rodeo work we had to do to finish our treatment. Notice the anesthetic syringe in the foreground (the SHOT). This was obviously before he noticed it, as well; otherwise, we would have a very blurry picture.


Chico said...

Next time tell them to close their eyes. Ha ha

Dave said...

Looks like and interesting day. It has to feel good to serve the unfortunate in such a good way.