Friday, April 18, 2008

Been awhile

Some updates:

I rode my bike for the first time this week. I logged my first hour in two days. Not bad for a busy schedule. I think I am really going to get into biking! It was so much fun, I didn't fall on my face because of my clip in pedals, and my bike is FAST.

I "finished" my first root canal on a molar. Finished is in quotation marks because I have to go back and fix something. Yuck. I didn't quite get one of the canals filled all of the way so I have to redo it. What a pain. Usually I am very good at that step (called obturation) but we aren't sure what happened, maybe the filler material wrapped back up on itself. My patient has been anxious to finish since day one and has been quite emotional at times. Too bad for the both of us we aren't done.

My neighbor secured their network meaning I will have to bite the bullet and pay for wireless internet. Good thing I am almost caught up in Lost before that happens.

I had my lacrosse final dinner last night. Didn't make defensive MVP behind the goalie. It is hard not to vote for the girl getting all of the action. I was a close second. (Too bad, I was hoping for one more resume booster.)

I have been trying to live my priorities...early to bed (and actually earlier to rise), my house is slowly getting cleaner, and I have been reading my scriptures for much longer. I am also trying to work in the exercise. Amazing how much better I feel when I do these little things.

EARTHQUAKE in Illinois this morning. Slept through it.


MrColtonJackson said...

im glad you finally got to bust the old bike out! :D

Erin said...

You mean the NEW bike!