Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am saddened by all of the happenings of the FLDS in Texas. It makes me so sad and puts butterflies in my tummy just thinking about those poor girls who get stuck in that environment and the poor boys who get kicked out, etc, etc. I can't imagine what it would be like having my loving father give me away to one of his ugly old man buddies as a 14 year old wife. I try to not judge things I don't understand, but this just seems bizarre and very sad. I am relieved someone finally had the intense courage to speak up.

It also is a bit frustrating that this puts more attention and links to my church. I had a patient the other day ask if I was a "Mormon" and something about how many wives my husband would have. I sternly (in my most sternest professional voice--which actually means quite sweetly--still trying to pass superblock) corrected him and told him that this was not the case and has not been for many years (try a couple hundred). He just giggled and told me about the "harems" of women the Mormons had (or have?). He was evidently the expert on such things. I was always under the impression that even though polygamy is a part of my religious history that things were not like they are down in Colorado City or this now famous Texas town. Maybe my toothless patient has an inside source.

A friend said I should have told him that Abe would have more wives than he does teeth.

I wish I would have told him that maybe being Mormon wasn't so bad...if you get your own harem! Seems like our missionary efforts could double, at least with men.


Amber said...

First of all, be careful, as the polygamists are FLDS and not RLDS. It would be unfortunate to misrepresent another religion in the same way you are concerned.

I feel sad as well--for the abuse, the scandals, the manipulation. But I also feel sad for the people who genuinely believe in that church, to see their whole world ripped apart. To separate families. What I learned in grad school was children want to be with their parents, no matter how bad they are. It's just too bad so many women and children are abused in this way where this becomes more than an issue of having more than 1 wife. It becomes a prison of abuse.

I agree that it is frustrating that people do not take the time to find out correct information--but then again, how often do we do further research when we hear about other groups. It is most frustrating when people still assume to be experts after they have been corrected. Like they know what is means to be LDS more than we do! Egocentrism.

MrColtonJackson said...

haha yeah didn't the RLDS break off originally because they didn't believe in polygamy when the main LDS church did?

its funny how things work