Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rock-in Pizza

Abe is an amazing cook. I am very lucky to have such a culinary whiz for a husband. This seems to be common knowledge among friends and family. Any time I have a good lunch at school people assume Abe made it (even my Olive Garden lunch the other day) and at parties people ask if I made it and are told by others, "No, Abe is the cook." I am very proud of him but sometimes I worry that people think I am not taking good care of my husband.

Last night we made homemade pizza. We made a special whole wheat and herb crust in our bread maker. I was pleased that his brothers were coming over to share with us and that they could remember that I am also a cook. Unfortunately, what I was hoping would be "rockin' pizza" ended up literally being a Rock in the pizza! His brother some how found two small black rocks in a bite of his amazing pan. I have NO idea how that happened but I thought it was humorous that the first time I have cooked for them in awhile yielded such unsatisfactory results!

I have little idea what danger I am putting my guests in!

Looking so innocent as it sweetly bubbles in the oven (sly tooth breaker!)

It's fearful contents revealed!


Diana said...

That's a funny story. Erin, I have sampled your culinary genius (without the rocks) and know that you are a great cook too. In fact, other than desserts, I don't think I have ever sampled Abe's cooking. (But the desserts were good.)

You two are well-matched!!

brenna said...

Ya know, you shouldn't try to purposely ruin people's teeth, so they have to come and experience your dental skills. I'm sure people will want to come to you without you breaking their teeth!

Bob said...

I think that Abe's brother wants him back so he is trying to sabotage you. He put the rocks there himself to make you look bad. Keep your eyes open for future sabotage events.

MrColtonJackson said...

thats a pretty funny story of deception and drama. You should make a tv show revolved around the observation humor of your life ....kind of like seinfield.