Sunday, April 20, 2008

Non-living room biking thoughts

I know I already blogged today but I decided I better write one more post.

This week I logged my first hour of road biking on the road instead of inside on my trainer in my living room. I learned a few things:

There are no hills inside. Although I can simulate more difficult riding by changing my gears, it is nothing like "grandma's hill," the hill leading up to, you guessed it (Abe's) grandma's.

There is no rain inside. We logged 14 miles in a downpour yesterday. Yes, I am hardcore. My brandnew shoes, helmet, gloves, pants (and bike) are all seasoned with mud.

Most importantly, there are NO cars inside my living room. Abe and I decided to bike to his parents' house for dinner. On our way home we were on a busy street and I was hit by a car! I was literally struck in the elbow by a passing car. I guess they also knicked Abe's handle bars. I am proud of myself for not veering off or panicking or anything. I just have a scrape and probably a bruise...and a little frustration towards the non-caring driver. I am glad they weren't another six inches over or I could have had some major trouble.

Despite all of these differences, I am loving it! I can't wait until our next ride.


brenna said...

Those dang drivers! I especially hate those one who almost blow bikers over at Arches.... (And you may have posted twice in one day, and I maybe commented both times)

Diana said...

I'm so glad you're okay!